Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Pretty Hallway

Hallways are often neglected spaces.
Or boring spaces.
Perhaps the last spaces we'd consider spending $$ on, 
when other more important rooms beckon.

Still, our hallway, believe it or not, is
one of my favorite spaces in our home.

A few years ago, my husband and I were trying to decide what to do 
with this part of the house.
It was boring beige and blah.
I had picked out a couple of wallpapers, but my husband liked this one 

And he was so very right. Did you hear me, honey? YOU WERE RIGHT.

The blue works with all the adjoining rooms.
And it makes a tight space feel more open.

Here's the view from the upstairs hall window.

A winter wonderland.

To me, good decorating is all about the details, filling spaces with objects I love. 
Said objects should also work well together.
This is not to say I want things matchy-matchy. On friendly terms with each other will do.

The hallway is filled with family portraits, old and new. Each one is framed in a similar style and color. 
This collection evolved over time.

The chimney closet serves as a place to store towels and sheets.
If things were all pretty in there, I'd show you.
But they're kind of a mess, actually.

A while ago I did a post on all the light fixtures in our house. We've replaced most of them at this point.
However, I forgot to include this Schoolhouse Lighting beauty.

While this picture doesn't really reveal it, she has pale blue trim. 
She gives off great light, too.
Definitely a plus since the old one was dull and looked like a boob.

Finally, there's this sweet little laundry basket.
I had to lie on the floor to get a good shot of it.
Yes, I was lying on the floor taking a picture of my laundry basket.


  1. Every time you show your wallpaper I love it even more!!! Your hall is lovely. Sorry....I keep using "love," but that sums it up perfectly! Jane

  2. That's so pretty! In our part of the country people don't wallpaper hallways. When I see it (which is usually on tv) I always think it is so quaint and homey. Lovely. :)

  3. Yes, your hubbie was right! That is beautiful wall paper and your hallway must be a pleasure to walk through every day.

  4. Suzanne- I still absolutely LOVE your hallway. I remember the first time I saw it-how fresh and bright and light it looked. It has not dimmed in my memory at all- it is gorgeous! xo Diana

  5. I love that wallpaper too Suzanne...your hallway is so bright and pretty!

  6. I always enjoy seeing your home! I need to replace some boob lights in the closets, and some of the square ones in the hallways. They give off good light, I'm just tired of them after 13 years!! Love your gallery wall!

  7. I love the wall paper in your hallway. I swore I would never wall paper again--after having my entire last house wall papered and having to remove it. But now I am getting the bug again. Wall paper makes a house look homey.

  8. It really is pretty and looks so bright and cheerful. Love that cabinet too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. What a beautiful blog Suzanne and that wallpaper in your hallway! I am so inspired by everything you've done - thanks for sharing it. I will definitely check out your books, too. And I've joined your blog so I can follow now!


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