Sunday, February 9, 2014

Can You Guess What I Did Today?

Is it just me, or does this room look 
lighter and brighter?

Does my living room look slightly more crisp to you?
Or, did I simply get new glasses?

Can you tell a difference at all?

Nope, I did not go to Home Goods.
Same lamp, same fabric, same 
50 year old picture of

Are you getting warmer? Clearly, we are not any warmer.
It's snowing again.
It has snowed so much that my children now groan
when they see a flake.

Surely you can see a difference here.

Or maybe here?

I'm about to squeal, so somebody better guess what I did today!


  1. Well, I think it might be those beautiful tulips!!!! They do make me think of Spring and I find they lighten up a room! Your mantle looks so pretty- xo Diana

    1. I do love my tulips, but Penny guessed correctly. xo

  2. Replies
    1. Penny, you guessed it! I'm glad you noticed b/c I am still deciding whether it should stay or go!

  3. First of all, your mantel looks very pretty! Second of all, I see by the above post that you got a new camera! Congrats! I am still learning to use mine so you are already a few steps ahead of me! Have fun!

  4. I don't know because I am new to your blog; however I love those house paintings! Are they copies or originals?


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