Sunday, February 23, 2014

A New Toaster

Make the excitement STOP!
I know you all are thrilled to know
I got a new toaster!

For a while I've wanted a Dualit toaster, but I just couldn't see spending
$250 to $300
on a

Here's my sad little before toaster. 
Is it weird to feel a tad guilty about getting rid of an appliance that has served me well?

Um, yeah.

Almost as weird as taking pictures of my laundry basket.

I digress.

At any rate, I started looking online. I searched and searched.
Finally, I found one on eBay.
I was skeptical, as I have never ordered anything from eBay (or Craig's List).

I'm wary of this sort of thing. Plus, I'm going to prepare food in this appliance.
What if it's dirty? What if it's filled with someone else's toast waste?

But my eBay seller delivered. The toaster was pristine and shiny and good as NEW!
It was a great first eBay experience.

I have not gotten rid of my old friend.

This little guy served me well. I think I might take him to work or something.

Still, I couldn't pass up the eBay deal on this beauty!

Plus, my kids can make their waffles fly.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bright, Shiny Floors

My floors were looking dull and scratched lately on account of all this.

Wet dog paws, messy boots, and salt.
Everything was streaked and sad looking.

I had seen a commercial for this.

And decided to give it a try. 
It promised a like-new finish.

So, I piled everything into a big heap and got started.


And now my floors look like this!

The new shine has held up well, too.

It's been warmer here this week, but we still have snow piled everywhere.
The weather forecast promises more cold temps next week and


that S-word, which at this point might make some of you
want to say the other S-word.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is It Friday Yet?

We've had a lot of snow days around here, and 
I fear I have become a lazy mess.
While I like my job for the most part, 
I am definitely thinking way too much about
It's only hump day, after all.

Looks to me like my furry friend is thinking the same thing.  

Also, in case you didn't get a chance to check it out, take a look at 
Savvy Southern Style's Wow Us Wednesday. 

I was thrilled to have my cozy little bedroom featured.

Oh, and

stay tuned for Friday's post on…wait…wait…


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Pretty Hallway

Hallways are often neglected spaces.
Or boring spaces.
Perhaps the last spaces we'd consider spending $$ on, 
when other more important rooms beckon.

Still, our hallway, believe it or not, is
one of my favorite spaces in our home.

A few years ago, my husband and I were trying to decide what to do 
with this part of the house.
It was boring beige and blah.
I had picked out a couple of wallpapers, but my husband liked this one 

And he was so very right. Did you hear me, honey? YOU WERE RIGHT.

The blue works with all the adjoining rooms.
And it makes a tight space feel more open.

Here's the view from the upstairs hall window.

A winter wonderland.

To me, good decorating is all about the details, filling spaces with objects I love. 
Said objects should also work well together.
This is not to say I want things matchy-matchy. On friendly terms with each other will do.

The hallway is filled with family portraits, old and new. Each one is framed in a similar style and color. 
This collection evolved over time.

The chimney closet serves as a place to store towels and sheets.
If things were all pretty in there, I'd show you.
But they're kind of a mess, actually.

A while ago I did a post on all the light fixtures in our house. We've replaced most of them at this point.
However, I forgot to include this Schoolhouse Lighting beauty.

While this picture doesn't really reveal it, she has pale blue trim. 
She gives off great light, too.
Definitely a plus since the old one was dull and looked like a boob.

Finally, there's this sweet little laundry basket.
I had to lie on the floor to get a good shot of it.
Yes, I was lying on the floor taking a picture of my laundry basket.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dining Room Chairs

A few years ago, the hubby and I inherited chairs from my MIL.
My MIL down-sized, but in her day, she entertained a lot.
Lovely table.
Lovely silver.
Lovely woman.

However, the chairs were covered in red velvet, and the fabric was worn and stained.
So, I decided to recover them.

The goal was one chair per night. Six chairs total.

When I began decorating our home 4+ years ago, I knew I wanted to carry 
blue throughout the house.
The plan was to be able to swap pieces from room to room.

Our house is roomy in some ways, but definitely not what you'd call spacious. 
Things had to flow if you know what I mean.

And so I set out, tools at hand, and with HGTV to keep me company.

I purchased the fabric at Calico Corners, and one of the nice 
ladies at the store gave me lots of helpful advice.
She even talked me into the trim.

To be honest, this was an intimidating project at the start, but truly
it was a breeze!

The result is that we have extra seating when guests come.
Hubby has a chair for his desk.
And we were able to hang onto meaningful pieces 
while also giving said pieces a purpose.

If it doesn't have a purpose or it isn't really pretty, I don't want it cluttering up my house!

Have you all inherited pieces? If so, how did you feel about it?

Lucky for me, I really liked my MIL. 
She was good to me and good to my girls, so 
I was eager to breathe new life into pieces that were special to her.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Valentines

The past couple of days were nutty. Just nutty. 
I don't need to tell you about the weather.


I need sunshine. I need a run or a really hilly, hard walk.
Exercise is calling my name.
But there's this white icy stuff.

I have "bruised the soft tissue on my heel."
Lucky me, I'm what they call a heel striker!

For the next few days, I am staying off my heel.

But today is the day of love.
And since I can't fix the weather or my silly heel,
I'm gonna do my best to chill out, plan a few blogs in advance
try to be more patient with my girls, the human girls, that is, and relish a few days off.

Years ago I joked with my husband that one day I'd be fifty
and we'd have two adolescents in the house.
That's a lot of hormones.

The other night while making dinner, I had a mini meltdown.
Does anyone appreciate all the things I do?
Meals and lovely flowers and hauling teenager butts
all over town!
Doctors, orthodontists, homework, permission slips, sleepovers (dear Lord, the rowdy sleepovers!)

I worked myself into a very big poor-me party.
But then it snowed.
And I spent yesterday in my pajamas.
Middle daughter was cheerful, and I stood inside and watched as she 
put food in the bird feeders.

Youngest daughter appeared in my room with a plate of sugar cookies.
She had made them.
You know, used the hot oven without permission.
She snuggled in bed, and I read her parts of the new book I'm working on.

I had time to chat on the phone with not one, but THREE dear friends.

In blogger world life can sound mighty perfect. And I think there's something nice about that.
We like the pretty in our lives. 
Personally, looking at elegant rooms and delicious meals
and reading about your lives takes me away from it all.
You ladies are a little like Calgon!

But I don't want to sound like my life is perfect.

It is not.

There is sadness. There is struggle. There is leftover pain from long ago.

I get in bad moods.

Sometimes I yell at my children.

Still, on this day of love, often imperfect, flawed, complicated love, 
I relish the beauty of it.
I celebrate its imperfections.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Details in the Master

For me, most of decorating is in the details.
It's not fancy furniture, although we have collected some
nice pieces over the years.

It's not in following all the latest trends.
I'm not much into trends.
Or, if I do get into a trend, it's usually over.
Decorating in my house is closely linked with the little things.

This stool I purchased second-hand and redressed to match the slip-covered chair.

The picture hanger that was left over from another project.

This blanket I found at Home Goods.

The plate and topiary. I love this room mostly because it's 


all the little details make me smile.
Hardware from Anthropologie.

Silhouettes from a local antique store.

And my latest detail is this new lantern I bought for a steal 

This is an antique my hubby purchased years ago.
She's a curvy girl, and I have always love the white knobs.

The Pottery Barn pillow. How could I resist these details?

The trim on these curtains to tie it all together. Buffalo checks are a favorite of mine!

This poor water color was in terrible shape. I bought it and reframed it, and I love the story it tells.

This room makes me happy because of the details.
I love being here!
I love that when I'm exhausted and depleted from a long, trying day, 
this room shelters me.

See that heart above the bed?

This one?

It once belonged to my mother, and it now hangs over my side of the bed.
She died ten years ago this March.
But she lives in my heart.

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