Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Corner Cupboard

I love putting things on display.
I also love it when what's on display serves a function.
My life gets cluttered enough what with work and kids and writing and volunteer stuff.
At night I want things clean and simple.

We have several sets of dishes, but these get used the most.
The blue is pretty.
The plates are sturdy (Williams Sonoma).
Plus, everything is within easy reach.

I know that little green guy doesn't match. He's special, though.
He's an antique and belonged to my mother.

I love a pretty table and nicely displayed items. 
Sometimes, however, what I like the best is just 
easy and within reach.


  1. I love your corner cupboard and blue and white dishes. Your home seems light and airy and I love that feel. I did go out and buy two orchids after reading your last post. Wanted more but didn't buy. As much as I enjoy flowers I should not feel guilty about spending money on them.
    I couldn't find an email address on your blog to tell you the link to your writer website comes up : Not Found Error 404

    1. Suzanne's daughter here. Thanks for the head's up, Bonnie!

      Momma, I was stalking your blog and comments and saw Bonnie's note that your URL was broken. Fixed it for you.

  2. Love you corner cabinet and it does make it more special that it was your Mom's. My friend has been looking for one and they are not easy to find these days.

  3. Suzanne- What a great old piece. It is a beautiful display piece. How wonderful that it belonged to your Mom-you have good memories associated with it, I'm sure! xo Diana

  4. Suzanne I love that corner cabinet and the pretty display of dishes inside of it!

  5. Your white dishes just pop against that pretty corner cabinet. Pretty and practical!


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