Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nothing Like A Clean Kitchen

I spent the day cleaning.


I wiped down cabinets and countertops.

I polished the stainless steel.

I even climbed on counters and Windexed light fixtures!

I mopped floors.

I polished silver!

As my mother used to say, I worked like a dog.

As you can see my dogs don't work at all, so I don't know where this saying originated.

I ditched the old kitchen mat that wasn't even old (dog vomit and sea grass don't mix), and I purchased this sturdy Dash & Albert rug. 

Love it.
They swear it is dog vomit proof, too.
Really, there is just nothing like a clean kitchen.

And in our house the clean kitchen will last approximately 27 minutes.

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  1. I love a clean kitchen too Suzanne...yours sparkles!!
    Love that last shot!

  2. You're so right, Suzanne! I fall in love all over again with my house when it's all clean and tidy. Why can't it ever stay that way for very long?

  3. Your kitchen looks great!!!! I need to do the same thing to mine, and I bet it won't stay clean for 27 minutes!!! LOL...More like 5 if I'm lucky ;o)

  4. Oh yes, I love a sparkling clean kitchen too! But with two teenage boys in the house, mine doesn't stay that way long. :) Your kitchen is beautiful!

  5. My favorite room to work in! 27 minutes might be a stretch in our house. :)

  6. Your kitchen looks fantastic! I'm amazed you get 27 minutes of clean though...it doesn't last that long around here. Lol!

  7. Wow, Suzanne...that is about 26 minutes longer than my kitchen stays clean..lol You did a wonderful job and one of the best parts doesn't even come through on your blog-that fresh clean smell!!!! xo Diana

  8. I'm glad we made it in the 27 mins. to see all that pretty, shiny view!

  9. The kitchen looks great, the dogs are adorable, and I love your new rug! Sit down and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in your clean, shiny kitchen! Have a Great Day! 😃

  10. NOTHING like a clean kitchen…so happy when it actually stays that way for more than an hour…lol…enjoy your lovely space…I have a similar look in both of our kitchens…come on over for a visit…

  11. I agree Suzanne! Clean kitchens are great....and I always get alot of satisfaction from giving mine a good scrub! Have a great day, Jane

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  13. I need to clean mine! Your kitchen looks great even if it will only last 27 minutes LOL!

  14. A clean kitchen always feels so good! In my house, it doesn't stay clean for very long either! And, yeah, I'd like to work as hard as my dog, lol!


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