Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Green

Have you ever had to wiggle and wriggle your way into a pair of jeans? And once said jeans are on your body, you longed to rip them off and hurl them across the room? 

This best describes how I feel about this bathroom.
No matter what I do or how I contort myself, I just don't feel comfortable here.
Once upon a time, the bathroom looked like this...

I don't know why, but the shiny silver mirrors bugged me big time.

And the black cabinet just wasn't my thang.

So I painted the bathroom green. Actually, I painted it this pale yellow first (it was a drab beige originally) then I painted it green. Yes, that's twice for painting the bathroom. 

I got new mirrors and repainted the cabinet.

Are your eyes hurting yet?
Do you have a headache?
Are you thinking What was she thinking?

I like the mirrors. They're from Ballard Designs. In fact, I love the mirrors.

And I adore my bathroom view!

The trouble is I still don't like this room.
I hate the gray tile.

And I detest this cheesy border thingy in the shower.

What I want is classic beauty:
subway tile with dark grout
penny tile on the floor
bead board on the walls
a classier more unique light fixture (something salvaged perhaps)
a custom vanity with a marble top
white porcelain sinks
and cool vintage fixtures

Cue the reality check!

Suggestions are welcome because it's not easy being green!

And a complete redo isn't in the budget right now.

There are worse problems.

I should be grateful.

I am.

I promise.

Still, I don't like this bathroom in the same way I don't like it when my jeans are too tight.

Suggestions for a minimal redo are much appreciated.


  1. I think we are all there at one time in our decorating. We love the things we do or buy and then when they are up we think, What was I thinking. I would go with a another color in the room. A color not so bold. I like the green, but sometimes a room can be overwhelming for others.

  2. Ok Suzanne I'm not going to be much help because I've always liked this bathroom:) To me it looks so bright and happy (plus you know I'm a green lover)! Love the new mirrors too. If your not happy with the tile how about getting a pretty shower curtain or have one made and just keep it closed. Sometimes something as small as that can make a big difference.

  3. Maybe it's the time of year because I have similar feelings about a few rooms in my house! I think you could do a few simple things to make the room a better fit for you. Have you looked into that beadboard wallpaper? It would be cheaper (and less of a commitment) than doing real beadboard. Kim from Savvy Southern Style has it in her kitchen. Also, l like Martina's shower curtain idea above. You could paint the walls a lighter gray that would blend more with that shower tile too. I agree, that view is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do in there!

  4. LOL- Oh- yeah-been there! Well, I do think it is fun with the green but I think I would go with a softer paint color-one that didn't have so much contrast with the tiles. If you could pick up the gray in the tile I think it would look really rich and elegant with those mirrors. It looks like the countertop has some grey in it also? I think that is going to be key to get the paint to blend nicely with the tile AND the countertop. I once painted a room three times before I liked it-and all within about 3 weeks.That was NOT a good month!

    One of the GREAT things about that room is the view and I think the green pulls your eyes away from the window and makes the room feel a bit closed in. So, hope I didn't offend you- I think sometimes people are afraid to speak up for fear of offending but I do understand that sometimes people really want honest feedback. xo Diana

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  6. Sorry, I agree with the others. Get rid of the green! My opinion is that you have over done this bathroom with color. Why not go with the gray tiles/grout and let that be your base. Add some stark white and a 3rd neutral color. Then add some fluffy towels and a gorgeous shower curtain and I think you could have a beautiful, elegant, neutral bathroom. Remember there are a lot of colors that are neutral. Think about pictures of all these beautiful living rooms you see with the white couches. Add gray, silver, gold and brown. Then green touches of plants/topiaries. Just to start....

  7. I would definitely say get rid of the green. It is not a restful shade. Go with a soft color. xo Laura

  8. Get the bead board wallpaper that is paintable and very reasonably priced like we did in our powder room. Hang it high with a little ledge or trim. The tile is paintable , too. I have not done that but there are products for it. I would paint the bead board white and do a soft color up top.

  9. I thought I came up with the ultimate solution -- bead board wallpaper - until I saw that everyone before me suggested it already! I agree that if the ultimate look you are going for is "classic beauty," then paint the walls a soft neutral, add a pretty shower curtain so you can close off the tiles and border that you don't like, and maybe invest in the light fixture you want. I do love those mirrors you bought!


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