Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Room, Family Life

This little room looks pretty, I think.
Dogs on the sofa.
Light on the rug.

When we purchased our house 4+ years ago, it never dawned on us that
just maybe, 
there wasn't enough space
for family life
in the family room
(or, as we call it, the family womb).

But it is cozy and sweet and colorful.

Recently, I made a few minor changes.
See that lamp?
Prior to the Christmas holidays, it was my 
living room lamp.

But take a look at the orange in the rug 
and the orange in the painting.
The second this lovely girl landed on the table, 
I knew she was staying. 

The color on the walls is Benjamin Moore's old navy.
I promised myself when I chose this color that 
I got tired of it, I'd switch it out. 
No problem.
But I still love it.

See my little topiary?
It's a new Home Goods find.


Honestly, I thought this was a tad pricy for Home Goods, so I pushed her around 
in the cart for a while.
I succumbed to her loveliness as you can see.

On the table you'll note my glasses.
I can't see with them on.
I can't see with them off.
That's fifty for you.

It's a pretty family room for a nice family life.
My two mutts think this space is just the right size by the way. 


  1. This looks like the perfect room for a wonderful family! This post really tugged at my heartstrings!!!! Jane

  2. I always loved this room Suzanne...but then again I don't think there's a room in your home I don't like:)
    Very pretty and that rug!

  3. I love this room. I love the colors you have used and love you pups!

  4. That is a nice looking room...comfy and cozy. I had that same blue in a library that we had in an old historical home and I never got tired of it either. It made a wonderful back drop to our books..and white woodwork. Love your pets that call this room home! xo Diana

  5. That is a lovely are all of your rooms!!!, comfy, cozy and beautiful! That is why I love to visit your blog/you.
    You always make my day just a little sweeter.

  6. I love that room! The colors (and the dogs) make it so cheerful and welcoming! I hear you on the glasses - I wear contacts for distance but now I am having trouble seeing close up when I have them on. Then I take them out to read at night and I have trouble readjusting! Not fun...
    Stay warm - Shelley

  7. I agree, that lamp has certainly found a home on the table! Perfect Placement! I love the entire room; the furniture, rug, windows, topiary & the dogs. The only thing I would suggest would be to add some solid orange pillows to the couch to pull everything together. xoxo


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