Friday, January 31, 2014

Put A Plate On It

According to Beyonce, you should put a ring on it.
But in my household, I put a plate on it.

I've got plates on the walls and plates on the shelf.

Plates in the living room!

More in the dining room.

 Plates in the bedroom. 

Plates in the bathroom. 

Oops! And more in the mudroom.

Yep, I say put a plate on it!

Come back on Saturday, and I'll share my latest wreath-making adventures. 
You won't believe the action! The drama! It will make you laugh and cry!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Room, Family Life

This little room looks pretty, I think.
Dogs on the sofa.
Light on the rug.

When we purchased our house 4+ years ago, it never dawned on us that
just maybe, 
there wasn't enough space
for family life
in the family room
(or, as we call it, the family womb).

But it is cozy and sweet and colorful.

Recently, I made a few minor changes.
See that lamp?
Prior to the Christmas holidays, it was my 
living room lamp.

But take a look at the orange in the rug 
and the orange in the painting.
The second this lovely girl landed on the table, 
I knew she was staying. 

The color on the walls is Benjamin Moore's old navy.
I promised myself when I chose this color that 
I got tired of it, I'd switch it out. 
No problem.
But I still love it.

See my little topiary?
It's a new Home Goods find.


Honestly, I thought this was a tad pricy for Home Goods, so I pushed her around 
in the cart for a while.
I succumbed to her loveliness as you can see.

On the table you'll note my glasses.
I can't see with them on.
I can't see with them off.
That's fifty for you.

It's a pretty family room for a nice family life.
My two mutts think this space is just the right size by the way. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

One Light at a Time

When we purchased our Dutch colonial 4+ years ago, I knew right away the light fixtures 

They were big box store lights with little style and not much light, ironically.

A couple of months ago, we replaced the existing boob light in our master bedroom with this 
lovely lantern (Overstock, $134.00)

We love it!

In both our girls' rooms, I used this fixture, yet another Overstock bargain.
I did have to purchase these shades separately, however.

In our foyer we have this lovely lady.
Yep, you guessed it.

Admittedly, this was a more expensive fixture from Shades of Light. Recently, we installed a dimmer switch. I love the appeal of low light or bright light.

And I LOVE the sweet little birds.

We purchased this fixture at a local lighting store. It was a little pricier, though I can't remember exactly what we paid.

 One of my favorite purchases were these beautiful pendants from Schoolhouse Lighting, a splurge for sure.

This Moravian star light fixture was a Shades of Light find. I had been scouring the Internet for years in hopes of a bargain. 
The cost was $189

I haven't done the math, honestly, and it was certainly an investment to change out the fixtures. Still, I don't regret the changes.
And because we made them slowly, 
it wasn't an expense we incurred all at once.

Happy Monday! Stay warm, blogger buddies.

On Wednesday I'll share some little changes in the family room.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Corner Cupboard

I love putting things on display.
I also love it when what's on display serves a function.
My life gets cluttered enough what with work and kids and writing and volunteer stuff.
At night I want things clean and simple.

We have several sets of dishes, but these get used the most.
The blue is pretty.
The plates are sturdy (Williams Sonoma).
Plus, everything is within easy reach.

I know that little green guy doesn't match. He's special, though.
He's an antique and belonged to my mother.

I love a pretty table and nicely displayed items. 
Sometimes, however, what I like the best is just 
easy and within reach.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flatware Friday!

Don't worry. I don't plan on making this a regular thing, but I have to tell you that
this drawer of brand new flatware makes me happy.

It looks expensive, like real wood, in fact.

It's not real wood. It's fake wood, and I can throw it in the dishwasher every night if I want to.
It's a Target find—$50 for a four-piece setting.
I bought two.
I may purchase another set for replacements.

Before this drawer was a mess of ancient, mismatched flatware that I never used.
Now it's pretty and functional grown up.
I am 50, after all.

My MIL passed her silver down to us.
Unlike the flatware, this is the real deal.
It's so pretty and elegant, and before the new flatware purchase, we used it every night.
The trouble is I threw it in the dishwasher every night, too.

This just wasn't right, and I felt guilty every time I pressed the START button.

Real silver should be polished.

And hand washed and treated like the royalty it is.

Now that I have everyday flatware, I no longer have to feel guilty.
I'll still use the silver, but it will be washed in warm soapy water afterwards. By hand.
Maybe I'll teach my children how to polish silver.

Happy Flatware Friday!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Is Hard

I was born in the winter.
This ought to mean that I like winter.
I don't like winter.
There are a few things I do to keep my sanity during this

I exercise and write and read and light candles and build nightly fires.

But the most important thing I do during the winter is purchase flowers.

There is nothing wrong with therapy. Therapy can be a good thing.
But flowers are cheaper.

 And flowers have always made me happy, even when I was a little girl.

Hydrangeas and daffodils are my favorite.

There is nothing quite so hopeful as a daffodil in spring. It'll be here before we know it!

On Friday I'll share my new flatware.
I know. Hold onto your seats!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Rug for the Basement

Everything in our house is pretty traditional. 
I like traditional, but sometimes I feel the need to 

Our basement is the perfect spot for that.

This is my brand new rug from Dash & Albert. 
I love the bright color. It makes me happy every time I walk down the basement stairs.

Everything down here is friendly and colorful and made for fun.
Bean bags flopped in the corner.
Family photos on the wall.

This guy is a Home Goods find. 
Not the real thing.
That would be one tiny deer, after all.

No more boob lights in this house! 
When we first moved in 4+ years ago, nearly every light fixture looked like a huge breast.

This was a Shades of Light purchase, and 

That's not a real horse on the wall, either. Yes, that is an actual speaker you see there, circa 1980.
The husband insists there's nothing like a real speaker.
He likes to shower down here and blast the music.

Yep, bright and cheerful and being messed up as I write this post. My girls have friends over.
I have to remind myself this was the purpose of redoing the basement.
So the kids could mess it up
have a cool space to hang out.

Happy Monday!

On Wednesday I'm doing a post on how I survive winter 
(I am not a fan of winter, just so you know).
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