Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day Times TWO!

Turns out two snow days, conveniently on a Monday and Tuesday and making for a four-day weekend, are precisely what the doctor ordered. So far today, I've slept in, worked out, read, written, and now I'm blogging. It's scary, but I could get used to this. So could my girls!

Here's what I saw this morning from my bedroom window.

I am a teacher, and trust me when I say, most of us are as happy to see these days as the students.

For the past two days we've had comfort food, which is why I just pounded my Stairmaster for thirty minutes this morning.

Yes, they are happy girls.
Okay, so one is only slightly happy because I won't stop snapping her picture.

We do have forks, I promise.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday cooking. This Southern Living chicken casserole is so yummy and easy!

Maybe it's a southern girl thing, but I love making (and eating) poundcake.

My favorite part is the crusty goodness right before you dump it out of the pan.

I'm sweaty and blasting the Beatles' Revolver CD. My kids are outside sledding, and I have the afternoon to finish up Christmas cards.
Okay, so I'll shower then finish the cards.

I hope you're having a blissful day!


  1. What a great way to spend the day!! Outside looks gorgeous...now send some of that snow this way:)

  2. So pretty! We got much more snow today than we did yesterday. The kids were off from school today and were in and out the entire day! I am sure they will sleep well tonight. I relaxed too - didn't even shower till around noon, which is unheard of. So nice to relax! Your house looks so festive by the way!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  3. It sounds like the perfect snow day(s). I don't work anymore, but would love it to snow here, so I could feel like I was having a snow day!

  4. I remember those snow days with our kids. One year we had so much snow in wv that there was only 2 days of school in the month of January. I think everyone was getting cabin fever because Hubby was a truck driver and he did not work most of that month too.


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