Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas in the Foyer 2013

I like a little bit of Christmas all over the place. You know what I mean, right? Those bright spots around your house that lift your spirits and remind you that this is a very special time of year.

On occasion, I still stop and look at these pictures of my baby girls, when they were baby girls, and think how lucky I was to have them, how lucky I am to have them. 

This is a shot from the dining room window. I found this little bird in the local nursery gift shop, yet another bright spot. He might stay all winter, though.

Last night we were at a neighborhood gathering, and the wallpaper conversation came up. 
Someone said, "Wallpaper is over." 
I said, "No, it isn't over." 

I have never ever regretted this wallpaper. 
"What about resale?"they asked. 
"I don't care," I said. 

And I really don't care. This wallpaper makes me happy!

This Christmas tree makes me happy, too, though there's an entire section at the top that is without lights. Not a huge section, just a clump. I was going to try and fix that. But I decided I didn't really care about this, either.

It still looks all snowy outside. Winter looks prettier in the snow.

And so far I have managed not to kill this guy. 

Have a blessed and happy week.


  1. So beautiful! Definitely keep the cardinal there, he's perfect. Love your wallpaper too. You have a great attitude. :)

  2. Your home always looks beautiful Suzanne and I love that wallpaper!! I agree with you... I don't worry about resale I do what makes me happy in my home.

  3. Suzanne, That is just beautiful! I love that wallpaper more every time I see it. Good for you for standing up for what you like. I do, too. I have some things that I LOVE that are "dated" in the real world- do I care? Nope! lol Have a blessed week-xo Diana

  4. Suzanne, every time I read your blog I just laugh, we are so alike! I just bought a red cardinal sugar bowl and I am keeping it out all winter, Christmas or not! I do not do well with plants, poor things, and I am a HUGE proponent of decorating with what makes you happy. You live there now, you have to look at it and resale doesn't matter unless you are selling your house today. Besides, wallpaper is making a big comeback and "in" or not, yours is lovely and charming! Merry Christmas! :) Kim

  5. Thank you soooooooooo much for the "Laughter Lift" this morning!! Your comment about the tree and then your outlook on the wallpaper sent me looking for a tissue... I was laughing so hard!!!! Since I live in my home... if I like it and enjoy it ... well then... it stays!!! I am absolutely going to "Settle Down" and not SPAZZ... over the little things right now as well !! lolololol... Merry Christmas.....


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