Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas in the Dining Room 2013

Last night before bed, I promised my girls pancakes in the event that our two-hour delay changed to a for real snow day. Guess who will be setting the dining room table in a few minutes.

The dining room is easy when it comes to Christmas decorating. Like all the rooms in our house, it's cozy, so there isn't a lot of room for a lot of stuff. I add faux greenery to the chandelier and keep fresh something-or-other (in this case winter berries plucked from our very own yard) on the table.

And look at this beauty! Talk about a punch of color. I made a couple of trips to our local nursery this weekend. Let's hope I can keep her healthy and pretty until the New Year.

These Santas are from my childhood. I remember seeing them scattered around our little 1940s Cape Cod, a home I miss to this day! Every year when I pull these out, I am reminded of my mother and how hard she tried to make the holidays festive for my brother and me. 

More faux greenery and some berries. Like I said, simple.

Happy Monday!


  1. Perfect, just the right pretty touches for C'mas. I specially love the chandy, they usually are the prettiest like yours. Have a lovely second week of advent.

  2. So pretty!! We had a 2hr. delay this morning also:)

  3. Love the little santas in the hutch. We got snow to yesterday, but all melted today.

  4. Suzanne, It is just lovely. I like that you mix a bit of real in with the faux. How wonderful that you have pieces from your childhood home that remind you of those days- xo Diana

  5. I would love the have pancakes in that room with snow outside! It looks lovely Suzanne.


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