Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home With Heart in the Heartland: So MUCH More!

As promised, I am continuing our tour of the Heartland home. Here's a look at the master bedroom and this fabulous sleigh bed.

Here's a look at my blogging-in-bed vantage point. Such lovely light coming in through the guest room window. And see the quilt on the bed? A wedding present from yours truly. I lugged that baby back to the states from Indonesia. Purchased it from some local artisans just outside the Monkey Forest.

While visiting, I took snapshots at night and during the day. I love the way light affects the look and feel of a home.

Got my copy of Traditional Home last week, and tonight I finally had a chance to look at it. Yawn. Sigh. I am sick, sick, sick of beige, beige, beige or gray, gray, gray. Yes, it can be lovely. However, when everyone does it, it's dull!

And speaking of color, check out this lavender powder room, complete with a pull-chain toilet.

And the teeniest, tiniest sink you ever did see!

Gets the job done, though, right?

And this sweet, sweet light fixture.

Classic and lovely, so I don't even need to describe.

On Friday I hope to do a post on the exterior.

BTW, this is post number 100.


  1. Post 100 WOW Congrats. I love that blue shade on the walls, my fave.

  2. Love the blue. Throw in some white with it and I am a happy camper. xo Laura

  3. Just found your blog ! Lovely house and love the exterior !! Beautiful quilt, glad you bought in Indonesia :)


  4. You are absolutely RIGHT!!!!!!! Here's another homeowner who is soooooo sick of "lighter""burlap""drop cloths""white""gray"and if I NEVER see "robin's egg blue" or "chalk paint" or distressed" again, it will be tooooooo soon!!!!! Thank you for posting lovely colors in a home that actually reflects the personalities of it's owners!! Hubster and I were discussing this very thing last alllllll of these people ever think???? Or are they just trying to keep up with the Joneses???
    Blessings to you,


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