Monday, July 8, 2013

Where We Go

We are a beach family. We talk about going other places, but when push comes to shove and a deposit check has to be written, said deposit goes to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, OBX, as we call it.

Years ago when our two youngest daughters were in diapers and I was desperate for a place that wouldn't give me the stink eye if I pulled out the package of Little Swimmers, we happened upon Corolla Light. Hello relaxation and lots of other moms and dads with little ones in Little Swimmers. There's a wonderful baby pool, btw. Two of them, actually, and two mammoth adult pools. All are right smack on the beach!

Clearly, my girls no longer need diapers, but they are still thrilled to head to the Outer Banks every summer.

For starters, it's just beautiful. Freshly manicured lawns, gorgeous houses, nice restaurants, markets, shops, pristine beaches, oh-so-important lifeguards, and friendly people.

And porches galore!

We are a family of five, so the Lighthouse Villas are the perfect size for us. Each has four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and a decent amount of hanging out and dining space, not to mention sizable decks and hot tubs in some cases. No porches, however.

There are many large houses for big/multiple families, too.

This one is among my very favorites.

There are bikes aplenty, and the girls are allowed to go out on their own, something we can't let them do at home.

And there are all sorts of sports and other activities. The entire week is filled with fun things for the whole family. The resort also offers babysitting.

There's a great little restaurant, too. We usually eat here on our last night. It's always a bittersweet occasion, though, as I am NEVER ready to leave this paradise!

To me, there is nothing like the beach.

I hope you have a chance to visit the place you most love this summer!


  1. Looks like loads of fun. i have always wanted to go to the Outer Banks.

  2. Suzanne - What a sweet spot to enjoy a bit of summer in. Those girls are all just darling. Love the Outer Banks but haven't been there in years. It's a little piece of Heaven on Earth- xo Diana


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