Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Matters Most

Sometimes we are reminded, blindsided, actually, by the rapid passage of time. One minute the skin on my arms was smooth and tan and not at all freckled. Now it's practically piebald. At some point I was whining, deservedly so, about the lack of sleep, and some time later I am still whining about the lack of sleep.

Children are born and cry all night then they grow up and stay out all night. Either way sleep depravation is involved.

As you've seen posted here, my oldest "baby" leaves for California on Tuesday. I am proud. I am more than proud, actually. Cassie has worked hard and earned good grades and made sacrifices and solid, mature choices, and because of all that, she was accepted to USC's graduate program in journalism.

There isn't a doubt in my mind she will excel, but she will also leave me, as she must.

This is the point of our jobs, right? Such a feat means I have done the work well, correct? Please tell me then why I feel as though I am giving birth once more. Save for this glass of wine, there is no pain relief, and I haven't noticed a baby shower in the works.

At once I am proud, but also immensely sad to say goodbye, and the thought of watching a truck pull away in five days with this precious girl and all her things in it sends, no rocket launches, me into what Oprah refers to as "the big ol' ugly cry."

What matters most, however, is that Cassie pursues her dream and knows with certainty that the
people she leaves behind are cheering her on.

Godspeed, darling daughter.


  1. Oh it is so hard when they leave the nest for college, and I was so naive in thinking they would be back home. Well they did return on occassion, but they were gone and that took me years to deal with. You have done well and you should be proud and this is just the beginning of a new period of life. Have another glass of wine, it will help. Hugs, Marty

  2. It's hard when they leave the nest.The hard part is letting them learn life's lessons on their own.I am sure you (both) will do just fine during this transition.

  3. I haven't cried till I read your post.
    My baby is leaving as well. My 22 year old son is leaving to attend graduate school in Wyoming, a heck of a long way from North Carolina! (That beach in your photos is quiet familiar!) A heart full of pride for him but just a little nagging intuition that he might never come back to NC to live. I think that in and of itself is the pain.
    Enjoy the journey and be grateful in everything!

  4. What a sweet post. I know how you feel. What a beautiful family you have! It is so hard for our babies to leave the nest. (for us Moms) Good luck to her!


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