Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer in the House: The Family Room & Foyer

Look at all that green outside the open windows! Gorgeous green! Yellow is my favorite color, but green does make me happy. So does that cutie patootie on the sofa. We've been at the beach all week, and as much fun as that has been, I am ready to get home and see the babies. And work in the garden. And get started on some more projects around the house. 

As you can see, I like color. These walls are a true navy, and it works in this room because we get so much light. 

For a while we've been talking about converting our screen porch to a larger family room (this one is tiny). We'll see if that happens. This room would remain mostly the same, however. It's cozy. And it's done.

The colors in the space were a result of this painting, blues and golds and a touch of green. We have a lot of antiques, but the piece here was a Home Goods find. I needed something that could house our wine glasses and serve as storage for the cable box, router, etc.

The sofa has been reupholstered once and slip-covered once. Next time I'm getting a new sofa, though I have to say this one probably has a few years left.

I am not a big TV person, so to me it was a huge splurge when we purchased this flat screen monster a few years ago. It was another splurge when we had to spend $500 getting it repaired after lightning struck back in the spring. I could've had a really nice painting for that cash! Or some built-ins! Or new tile in the master bath. I digress. The TV isn't going anywhere.

This leather chair is durable. We bought it new when we purchased this house, but truth be told, I like the way it looks now after some wear and tear. Leather ages nicely.

The windows are my favorite element. I sit here and write in the mornings. If it's cool out, I raise the windows and listen to the birds. I am a nature girl, especially the older I get. That big shrub you see is a limelight hydrangea. It is so gorgeous when it blooms, and I have lots of cut flowers for the house.

Digging for crumbs, I'm guessing.

While the TV isn't my favorite, we did have the wires concealed. Plus, I've hidden them with all my stuff.

From the sofa you can see into the foyer. There is a touch of blue throughout the house. The foyer is small, but this light, bright wallpaper makes it feel airy.

And then we have my canes. I love canes. I've blogged about this in the past. There is something lovely and old-fashioned about canes and walking sticks.

And there you have it—summer in the house. Downstairs at least. Have a restful Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Your home is so lovely and looks so inviting. I love your navy in the familyroom. It is gorgeous. Hugs, marty

  2. So lovely! It looks effortlessly elegant while still feeling cozy.

  3. I have a similar rug like yours in your foyer and also a larger one similar to yours in my family room. It has been awhile and the name of the pattern won't come to me. Funny, how you know all the pattern names when you are shopping for persian rugs and since it has been 15 years I can't remember the names.

    I am a lover of blue so that means I like all your blue. Thanks for giving us a summer tour. Now, I will think of you writing with the windows open and very soon enjoying your lime light hydrangea blooming.

    Love your cane collection. The last time I priced pretty ones they were quite pricey.

  4. Everything looks so pretty and I love your wall colors. Cute little doggie taking a rest! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. This room is lovely. I like everything about it. The colors the feel, the windows, the fabrics! Al so pretty.

  6. Sooooooo pretty Suzanne...I LOVE everything about both of these rooms!

  7. Your home is just beautiful--love your banner too :)

  8. I love your family room. That navy wall paint is perfect and I loved your painting!


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