Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer in the House: The Dining Room

We eat in the dining room nearly every night, especially during colder months. The dining room is right off the kitchen, so it's convenient. 

I purchased these bird pictures because I love birds, but also because I love the mirrored frames.

When we moved in nearly four years ago, I painted just about every room. The dining room was the exception. I liked the pale green. It's not a color I would've chosen, but it's one I plan to keep for a  while. It feels neutral in a way and fresh.

This painting was a gift from my husband several Christmases ago. The setting reminds me of my grandparents' farm where I spent many summers as a child.

These curtains are my favorite.

My husband had this table made long before we married. We changed out the light fixture when we first moved here. The old one was too trendy for my taste. Yes, summer has arrived! Look at those green trees.

This beauty was another hubby purchase. He has very good taste! The chairs on either side of the hutch were my MIL's. We inherited them when she went into assisted living. I recovered the seats myself.

When my oldest daughter was little, her teacher asked her to draw a picture of something special that she did with her family. She drew a picture of our dining room table, flowers, candles, and all. I'm one of those moms who really believes in the power of the family dinner. Not what you're having so much (we eat our fair share of Bertolli bagged suppers) as where you have it and with whom.

You may have noticed this little blog has a new look. I'll share more about that when all the kinks are ironed out. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your dining room, it is wonderful and such a fabulous table too. I agree with you, we always had family dinners and they are still a big part of our get togethers. Hugs, marty

  2. Your dining room is so pretty, cozy and inviting. The curtains are perfect for it too. I bet your family is so happy to eat there every night! Have a happy weekend.

  3. Your dining room looks so lovely and I just adore the table and chairs. I wished I could paint mine to look like yours. Hubby says no, not this one. HA! HA!

  4. I just love how traditional and beautiful your home is. I've probably said that before. It reminds me of a movie set.

    The painting your husband is beautiful. Love the paint color too. Don't change it. :)

  5. I love your new look! It is fresh and lovely. Your dining room looks beautiful. I am glad you use it. That painting from your hubby is lovely-what a nice reminder of a childhood memory- xo Diana

  6. I love the bird pictures. I popped over from NanaDiana's blog.
    I'm your latest follower.

  7. You dining room looks gorgeous. I simply love everything about your home. Could you email me when you get a sec? Thanks:)

  8. Your dining room looks so cozy and welcoming. I can see why you enjoy eating in there especially in the colder months. Did you sew the curtains yourself?
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  9. Love love love!! Your hutch is a beauty! Love your style Suzanne!

  10. You have the most beautiful, real farmhouse and decor, and I am absolutely in la-la land over it!!! Thank you for not being trendy!


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