Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sisters in the Sun

Vacations take so long to get here.

And they're gone too quickly! Better live it up, girls.

Boogie boarding.



Surfing. Sort of.

Annoying your older sister.

Burying yourself in the sand.

Hubby in his happening new trunks, a Father's Day gift.

Teaching the girls to surf for real.

Hiding out.

Thinking about the future.

Enjoying the moment.

 Riding the waves.


In less than a week, Cassie moves to California. It's hard to imagine our daily lives without her around. We've never gone more than two weeks without seeing her, college days included. Graduate school brings big change for all of us.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a good vacation.
    I had to send 3 off to college and I don't envy your feelings when this happens. It is terrible BUY just remember this......once you are finally getting ahold of your feelings, they come home for a visit. You will adjust. Hopefully she won't be going too far from you. Good luck and happy summer.

  2. What beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girls!!!! xo Diana

  3. Your girls are so beautiful and looks like you had such a fun time. It is so hard when they move far from home. hugs, Laura

  4. I had to fight back the tears the whole day my daughter when off to university. It was marginally by the time daughter # 2 left for school. Don't you just wish you could freeze time right now?


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