Sunday, July 28, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When we moved into our house nearly four years ago (this October), there was nothing in the backyard. The entire property had been cleared. According to the guy we purchased the house from, everything was completely overgrown and unsalvageable. I'm not sure how much I trust his opinion, however, since I also discovered he was trying to rid said yard of these "awful things." The "awful things" turned out to be daffodils. Given the name of this blog, you know how I feel about daffodils.

Slowly but surely, my husband and I have planted things. Lots of things, actually. 

Sometimes I think I should rename my blog Hydrangea Hill because I can't seem to have enough of them.

This one is a strawberry cream hydrangea.

This is a limelight hydrangea, and she does steal the show!

My endless summer hydrangeas are waning now, but they'll bounce back. The one you see in full bloom is called a big bubba hydrangea. Really, that's what it said on the tag.

And what Southern girl doesn't love her crepe myrtles? We have six, actually.

I can stand at my kitchen window and watch the birds splash around in this bath.

This is a mix of several things: black-eyed Susans, shasta daisies, zinnias, and dahlias.

Remember these mammoth shrubs from last summer? Dappled willow they're called.

They were getting ridiculously overgrown, so this year we dug them up. In gardening, you win some and lose some.

We replaced them with these slow-growing boxwoods. Now we can actually see out of the family room windows. Can you believe there was NOTHING here four years ago? And we didn't purchase over-sized plants, either. I will say I've babied it all. I water constantly. According to the nursery where I shop, new shrubs need two years of frequent watering until the root system has matured. I go through Deer Off like the Rockettes go through panty hose, too.

These flowers are called Joe Pye weeds. It made me squirm to buy something with the word "weed" tacked on the end, but you should see the butterflies they attract! Plus, I like to try new flowers now and then.

My granddaddy loved to garden, and I loved to follow him around the yard while he dead-headed and weeded. He'd chew a big ol' wad of Redman, and I would chew a stick of Juicy Fruit. Every time he'd spit, I'd spit. My mother would've died had she known. Granddaddy always had cone flowers and zinnias, and I will forever have these in my garden in honor of him.

See that lovely stone patio? The hubby built that. It took weeks and weeks, but it's handsome and smart, just like he is. I do so love that guy.

This porch is where I spend most of my down time. It's the perfect place for lunch or a glass of wine in the evening. We eat supper out here many nights, too.

Gardening can be frustrating and exhausting, but it feeds my soul in such an important way. It brings me back to my girlhood, back to Granddaddy and those seemingly endless summer afternoons. Gardening also reminds me that nothing will ever be perfect, something I struggle with from time to time. There will be weeds and blight and critters lurking.

One of the nicest things about having a garden is you can bring it indoors!

Have a wonderful week. I hope to see you on Wednesday!

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  1. You have a lovely home and garden. Our house had little flowers or shrubs and I have planted many, some lived and some didn't. I will have to post pic soon of our yard.

  2. Wonderful post! Loved hearing about you and your Granddaddy! Your home and yard are beautiful. You definitely have the knack for gardening. Have a blessed week!

  3. Your gardens look wonderful! I love all of your hydrangeas!

  4. Your garden is lovely and I especially like the butterfly shot.
    Your arrangements in vases are pretty and nice to bring the outside inside to enjoy.
    Your bubba hydrangea likes its spot. Is it also pictured in one of the vases?

  5. Yes your hydrangea's are beautiful. Have been wanting a limelight. If you don't have an Annabelle you need to add one!

  6. You've done a great job with your property! It looks cared for and still keeps an old fashioned, natural feel. I need to find something that is 'chicken off' to stop mine from eating my boxwood. That stuff must taste great because they sure do love it!

  7. Well I wish my Garden grew as lovely as yours. Yours is so beautiful!

  8. What a lovely place to live! Your gardens are so lovely!

  9. Wow! Look at all those gorgeous hydrangea flowers~ I long for the days when I am able to cut some and bring them inside! Tell me your secret! ;)


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