Monday, March 11, 2013

Details Matter

When I was growing up, my mother, brother, and I shared ONE TEENY-TINY bathroom. And let me just say it here: things got ugly. My two youngest daughters have their own small bathroom. And let me just say it here: things still get ugly, but only sometimes.

Recently, I decided to change out the hardware. The old is on the left. The new is on the right.

I just didn't care for the clunky, dark hardware, especially in such a light-hearted bathroom.

Things rarely go as planned around here. After installing all the hardware myself (not rocket science!), I ended up with this…

Yep. The pretty glass knob snapped off. So, I trekked to the mall on a Sunday. I hate the mall on weekends. Too many people. Too many cars.

They were nice at Anthropologie, however. I returned the broken piece no problem.

She's a cute little thing, and I love the orange and blue.

Goes well with the wall color and the tile.

Hope you're having a manageable Monday!


  1. She is a very sweet knob. My girls shared a bathroom, too...back in the day of Laura Ashley paisley and florals. I love the fresh, modern tone of your bathroom...and the ruffled curtain is great- xo Diana

  2. Don't you hate it when your doing something like that you are anxious to finish and something goes wrong. But well worth the trip, looks great!

  3. I do hope you have better luck with the new one. It is pretty.


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