Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pretty Foyer

When we first moved in over three years ago, there were so MANY things I wanted to change/fix/redo/undo. The colors in the house were too bland for my taste. The backsplash in the kitchen was just plain tacky. There were some seriously ugly light fixtures throughout, many of which resembled breasts for some odd reason. Not to mention a general lack of character and personality.

But the biggest change, the most sweeping change, was adding wallpaper to the foyer, downstairs and upstairs.

I love pictures on the wall, and I have a lot of family portraits. It was quite a feat getting these hung. It was downright scary putting nail holes in wallpaper!

When we were selecting wallpaper, I knew it would have to work with every room in the house, yet I didn't want things too matchy-matchy.

The light fixture you see was an Overstock find. The old one looked like a giant boob hanging from the ceiling. As for the bookshelf, it provides a good place for stuff. I do have to watch my love of stuff.

It's cold and dreary here this morning, but my front door says spring. This is the view for guests.

Inside looking out. Cold and dreary, like I said.

The foyer is tight, yet the wallpaper makes it feel much more open. Two things here: I want to paint the risers (rather, I want a professional painter to paint the risers); and I want a lovely mirror for the wall on the right. Haven't found the perfect one yet, though.

Said mirror would go here and reflect the bookshelf.

Lately, I've developed a penchant for canes. Maybe if I had to actually use one, I wouldn't like them so much. This umbrella stand I inherited from my MIL. For a while it was empty. I started out with three canes, but now I'm up to seven. There really are seven; one is hiding.

We planted five forsythia bushes this week, and I have fresh daffodils on my living room mantel. The calendar says spring. Now if Mother Nature would just get on board…

Happy Sunday!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Details Matter

When I was growing up, my mother, brother, and I shared ONE TEENY-TINY bathroom. And let me just say it here: things got ugly. My two youngest daughters have their own small bathroom. And let me just say it here: things still get ugly, but only sometimes.

Recently, I decided to change out the hardware. The old is on the left. The new is on the right.

I just didn't care for the clunky, dark hardware, especially in such a light-hearted bathroom.

Things rarely go as planned around here. After installing all the hardware myself (not rocket science!), I ended up with this…

Yep. The pretty glass knob snapped off. So, I trekked to the mall on a Sunday. I hate the mall on weekends. Too many people. Too many cars.

They were nice at Anthropologie, however. I returned the broken piece no problem.

She's a cute little thing, and I love the orange and blue.

Goes well with the wall color and the tile.

Hope you're having a manageable Monday!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How Many Lamps Is Too Many Lamps?

My favorite room in our house is the living room. I painted it a pale yellow right after we moved in three-plus years ago, and it's bright and cheerful, and there are lots of pretty things here. There's a good bit of natural sunlight, too, which I love, but I also love lamplight. That cozy yellow glow from outside makes me feel all warm on the inside, especially as I pull up the driveway after a long day at work.

My newest lamp is from Country Curtains. I debated over whether or not to buy it. It was just after the holidays, and I did not need to spend any more money. But she proved irresistible.

This lamp was a gift when my hubby and I were married. I love her shape.

This one is gorgeous, too. She was a splurge a few years ago from one of my favorite home stores in town. The shade is so pretty, as is the finial. You can't see it here, but it matches the base of the lamp.

This one was inspired by a dear friend of mine. She LOVES these Tiffany lamps, and I decided the color would look nice against the white in this spot. It's beautiful at night!

This fashion model is from a local lighting store. She's an oldie but a goodie. She's also very adaptable, as she has lived in many spots. Notice the lovely shadow on the wall.

On a dreary, cold day like this one, a girl needs some lamplight.

And some fresh flowers.

How many lamps is too many lamps? When I posed this question to my husband, he said, "If you've got a dark corner, put a lamp in it."  I agree!

Have a great rest of the weekend.
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