Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Very Stupid Day

This morning was dreary and cold and rainy and hideous, so I decided I would finally catch up on my blog. I took lots of pretty pictures of my living room with all the lights on and headed downstairs to my computer.

This is when the trouble started…

I tried to upload the new shots on Picasa Web, but realized everything was different. This is what happens when you neglect your blog for three months. I could NOT upload a thing. Every time I clicked and dragged, the pictures were huge, so HUGE that I couldn't see the "create album" button.

Ah, the joys of blogging.

So I downloaded some weird thingy, and it started spinning like mad and flicking through every picture on my computer. I panicked and clicked out of that quickly. If somehow the whole world ends up with a picture of me in a bathing suit, I sincerely apologize.

I was extremely irritated by this point, so I went to the kitchen for a snack. I took a few deep breaths and thought about how much I like my kitchen.

Later, I took my girls to horseback riding lessons and went to the gym. This calmed me down considerably.

Still, I really, really, REALLY wanted to create a new post, so I went back to Picasa Web and tried and tried and tried to no avail.

Finally, I ended up in here because this room makes me really happy. Except this room doesn't look like this anymore because I have long since taken down my fall decorations! Of course, I can't show you how the room looks TODAY because I am crazy and have forgotten how to use Picasa Web, or Picasa Web is crazy and they keep changing things.

So now what? Well, funny you should ask. If had my druthers, I'd say to heck with this very stupid day and go here. But I don't have my druthers.

And a nap is not that appealing for some reason.

By this afternoon things were getting dangerous, as in, I started seriously considering going to the paint store.

Not that kinda paint, although it is tempting.

Actually, I started thinking about painting the bathroom. Again. If I do paint this bathroom it will be the THIRD time I have painted this bathroom. Why? Because I keeping painting this bathroom the wrong color.

Finally, I ended up back at my computer. Picasa Web and I are still not getting along, but at least I blogged. Maybe that will make me feel better. Your sweet comments (and suggestions!) might help, too.

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