Friday, December 7, 2012

The Season of Love

Christmas is truly my favorite season. I love the lights, especially this time of year. I love the smells. I love the best excuse ever to overeat—Christmas cookies. I love the cards, even the ones with braggy Christmas letters inside. I love the brown boxes waiting on my porch. I love the silly anticipation of the Secret Snowflake party at work. I love the decorating. And I also love the reason for the season: the miracle of the virgin birth. 

Even though we rarely drink it, I love buying eggnog at the store. Of course, some weeks later I discover it behind a carton of juice and have to throw it out.

I love putting bows on things and lighting all the candles.

I love the frasier fir spray that really does smell like a fresh Christmas tree.

I love quirky decorations.

I love poinsettias.

I love red berries and greenery.

I love stockings.

I love glass Christmas balls.

I love glass candlesticks and my S-A-N-T-A letters.

I love Christmas movies. I also love the fact that I captured Will Ferrell's face like this.

I even love this wonky little tree.  He is a wonky thing, isn't he?

I love, love, love my dining room!

I love the view from our dining room window. I especially love the fact that my husband put the lights on this tree.

I love fresh greenery and flowers. I also love the touches of red in my dining room.

I love the fact that I bought this ribbon years and years ago and that I STILL use it every year.

I love Christmas cupcakes, another good reason for overeating.

I love putting sweets in the advent calendar. There is something highly rebellious in knowing that for the entire month of December my children eat candy before breakfast.

I love the bow around this duck's neck because I swore I would never be the sort of woman who tied a bow around a duck's neck, and now I am that woman.

I love this glittery angel.

I love that I asked my dogs to give me their I Love Christmas! faces and this is what I got.

And I love my blogger friends. Thanks for stopping by!

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