Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Voices

Today is the day to give thanks for all my many blessings, yet this morning while making a last-minute run to Wegman's, I found myself crying. I don't cry much. I get teary-eyed sometimes, but I don't often do what Oprah refers to as "the big-ole-ugly cry." Yet, here I was on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning weeping most unexpectedly. 


I missed those Thanksgivings from long ago, the ones where people, grandmothers specifically, cooked for me

I missed the Thanksgivings when my girls were little, and I was just learning to plan this sort of big-effort meal. 

I missed my mother on the phone. First, her turkey imitation, and then, "Happy Thanksgiving!" in a cheerful voice I can still hear if I close my eyes and really listen.

By the time I hit the not-at-all-crowded parking lot, I was fine. There were bright orange tulips in barrels just begging me to buy them.

And these cute little acorn guys were on sale, and they wanted to come home with me, too.

Last night I made an apple pie, crust and all, but my youngest daughter won't touch pie. Plus, I thought these would look pretty in my glass dish.

Back home my spirits began to lift with each creative effort. I found myself thinking about what these Thanksgivings will mean to my own girls one day when I am no longer able to prepare them, and I could hear their voices some years hence. "Remember when Mommy used to…"  "And when she would…" "The way the house was always…"

I had been wanting some new place mats and napkins for a while, so yesterday I stopped at one of my favorite home stores (not Home Goods for once!) and purchased these. I'm getting a little tired of the fall colors, and I wanted something I could use year-round. So pretty! They'll transition nicely into the holidays with different plates and red candles.

Wegman's didn't have any napkin rings, but some green ribbon and plastic acorns did the trick. The whole time I thought about Granny, my father's mother, and how she was always cooking and decorating and moving furniture around. She was right there with me, and I could hear her voice, too.

 Grandmother, my mother's mother, slipped into the room. Grandmother was a sweet, quiet woman, and her fried chicken would break your heart it was so tender on the inside and crispy on the out. Talk about Southern living! Oh, and pinto beans and cornbread and coconut cake that she kept under wraps in the spare bedroom until Christmas night when it made its grand appearance. Grandmother wasn't much for decorating, but her sweet tea was like a drug. One glass was never enough!

Today my home looks festive and pretty, and I am thankful for this morning's cry. It reminds me to treasure what I have. It helps me remember that nothing lasts for ever, and because of this, life is all the more precious.


Today is a day to give thanks…

for those I have loved and lost,

for those I'm lucky enough to still have around,

and for those I haven't even met yet.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet blogger friends!


  1. Now, you've gone and made me cry! But, how can we really give thanks if we don't think of the past and all the wonderful people and times that are gone? It does make me more determined to savour today. ~ Maureen

  2. What a beautiful table and dining room! And lovely thoughts of voices of the past, present, and future. Treasure today! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse!

  4. You made me bawl my eyes out...My mom is till living as is my mom's mom. My grandparents on my dad's side are long passed and my daddy lost his battle with cancer yesterday.

    Treasure your girls, share the stories of your past and give them their someday memories. What a lovely legacy. And you decor is stunning as always.

    Happy Thanksgiving from My Cozy Little Farmhouse

  5. Oh-I can identify with that- every once in a while I will start to do something and just miss my gramma terribly...and I remember all the family get-togethers with my beautiful aunts. You are right-we are making memories of our own for the next generation. Blessings-xo Diana

  6. It is hard at this time of the year when we think of the past. We have our memories but wish all those that passed were still here. Your table looks so nice. New memories in the making. (((((HUGS))))

  7. I'm so glad I read your post tonight, I was feeling the same way! I used to call my mom every Thanksgiving morning and ask her how to make a We would laugh and I miss that so much. Your right though we are making memories for the kids and grandkids:)

  8. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  9. Your post brought tears to my eyes! (I'm just like you - not much of a crier, but more the little tears-to-my-eyes sort.) I love all your memories and especially with this passing holiday, it made me miss my son (passed away 3 years ago at the age of 21), my dad (passed away 14 years ago), my great-uncle and my grandparents. Your photos are beautiful too...xoxo


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