Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Voices

Today is the day to give thanks for all my many blessings, yet this morning while making a last-minute run to Wegman's, I found myself crying. I don't cry much. I get teary-eyed sometimes, but I don't often do what Oprah refers to as "the big-ole-ugly cry." Yet, here I was on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning weeping most unexpectedly. 


I missed those Thanksgivings from long ago, the ones where people, grandmothers specifically, cooked for me

I missed the Thanksgivings when my girls were little, and I was just learning to plan this sort of big-effort meal. 

I missed my mother on the phone. First, her turkey imitation, and then, "Happy Thanksgiving!" in a cheerful voice I can still hear if I close my eyes and really listen.

By the time I hit the not-at-all-crowded parking lot, I was fine. There were bright orange tulips in barrels just begging me to buy them.

And these cute little acorn guys were on sale, and they wanted to come home with me, too.

Last night I made an apple pie, crust and all, but my youngest daughter won't touch pie. Plus, I thought these would look pretty in my glass dish.

Back home my spirits began to lift with each creative effort. I found myself thinking about what these Thanksgivings will mean to my own girls one day when I am no longer able to prepare them, and I could hear their voices some years hence. "Remember when Mommy used to…"  "And when she would…" "The way the house was always…"

I had been wanting some new place mats and napkins for a while, so yesterday I stopped at one of my favorite home stores (not Home Goods for once!) and purchased these. I'm getting a little tired of the fall colors, and I wanted something I could use year-round. So pretty! They'll transition nicely into the holidays with different plates and red candles.

Wegman's didn't have any napkin rings, but some green ribbon and plastic acorns did the trick. The whole time I thought about Granny, my father's mother, and how she was always cooking and decorating and moving furniture around. She was right there with me, and I could hear her voice, too.

 Grandmother, my mother's mother, slipped into the room. Grandmother was a sweet, quiet woman, and her fried chicken would break your heart it was so tender on the inside and crispy on the out. Talk about Southern living! Oh, and pinto beans and cornbread and coconut cake that she kept under wraps in the spare bedroom until Christmas night when it made its grand appearance. Grandmother wasn't much for decorating, but her sweet tea was like a drug. One glass was never enough!

Today my home looks festive and pretty, and I am thankful for this morning's cry. It reminds me to treasure what I have. It helps me remember that nothing lasts for ever, and because of this, life is all the more precious.


Today is a day to give thanks…

for those I have loved and lost,

for those I'm lucky enough to still have around,

and for those I haven't even met yet.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet blogger friends!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me!

On November 14th I will celebrate my one-year blogger anniversary. I will buy myself roses and champagne and perhaps indulge in a massage. Actually, I probably won't do any of those things. More than likely, I'll be in bed by nine o'clock. But I have really enjoyed this past year of blogging. I like sharing my home. I LOVE looking at your homes. This all started because I Googled "pretty houses," and Savvy Southern Style showed up. I took one look at that house and was hooked.

With my new job, I rarely have time to comment and follow and post the way I'd like to, but on nights when I am exhausted and missing hearth and home, I find myself returning to your lovely spaces. There is so much beauty in the world, and often it's in the form of a warm casserole or a baby's nursery or a few fall decorations. I believe what we are all doing here is celebrating life.

In honor of that, I have organized a home tour post. I hope you enjoy. I also hope you know how much your kind and supportive comments have meant to me over this past year, especially given all my BIG transitions.

Our foyer is small. This wallpaper was my husband's idea, and I have to say this is one of my favorite parts of our home. It's bright and cheery, and welcoming. Our entry may be small, but it makes a strong first impression.

This fixture is from Schoolhouse Lighting. My advice to those trying to inject big style into a small home is to splurge now and then. The advantage of small spaces is that you can afford pricier things—great wall coverings or high quality accessories.

More lighting from Schoolhouse. Must be the teacher in me, but I love that place!

I also love a clean, functioning kitchen. When folks have too much stuff on their counters, I always wonder how they prepare food. It may look pretty, but I want to roll out some cookie dough!

Give me an Oriental rug any day! Classic and timeless and resistant to all things—muddy riding boots, spaghetti sauce, and yes, even dog vomit. And just think of all the labor that went into this work of art. And they just get prettier over time.

It's such a nice place to come home to. I treasure my home even more these days!

Years ago I remember feeling somewhat marginalized because I was a stay-at-home mom who loved decorating. Now I'm grateful for all those days I spent painting and fixing and fussing and combing the aisles of Home Goods. I come home every night to a house that makes me happy. There is no job more important than that of taking care of my family. Preaching to the choir here, I realize, which is why I love this blogger land so very much.

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