Thursday, August 16, 2012

Those Summer Nights

Right now I am all about savoring these last days of summer—staying up late, having a glass of wine on the porch with my husband, eating home grown tomatoes with every meal.  I love this season with its sunny mornings and steamy afternoons and cool nights when the insects and frogs are the only form of entertainment.  Those critters put on quite a show around here.

The gardens are starting to wane now, and already I can feel that shift of season.  Or, rather, I'm resisting feeling that shift of season.

My flowers are mostly beyond cutting.  Now the birds enjoy the seeds, and I can watch from my kitchen window.

These little crepe myrtles have grown so!

And my limelight hydrangea is starting to sag from the weight of so many blooms.

Inside the dinner dishes are put away, and pots and pans are washed.  Everyone is settling down.  Or texting.

Since I'm teaching full-time this year and won't be home until late, we caved and bought our middle schooler a phone.  She has free rein this summer, but when school starts in a couple of weeks, there will be RULES, trust me.

Lamp light is one of the prettiest things about a home.

This is my favorite place in the summer.  I've stopped fussing over the porch now.  Instead, I let the plants shed and the dust gather and just enjoy it.

 Why do magazines always forget to show this—tomatoes on the windowsill?  If I were a stylist for photo shoots, I'd set things up just this way.  Without the scrub brush perhaps:-)

It's that time of night when we feel like these little guys.

I hope your summer nights are as peaceful as ours.


  1. I know how you feel, as much as I love the fall I'm not ready for summer to be over and the kids to go back to school. I started cutting some of my perennials back a few weeks ago just to make them look fresh and healthy again. Pretty shots! I love seeing pics of the inside of your home!

  2. I loved this post... it captured just what is so wonderful about late summer nights... and your home is beautiful!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post! I agree with you on summer nights...there's something relaxing about them. I love the long days summer brings and the fact that you can step outside i the evening without putting on a single extra layer. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be glad of the change, though! I also feel the same way about lamp light. I think the glow of it creates an inviting warm into a home, and everyone just seems to relax a little more beneath it rather than overhead lighting. Ha, maybe it's just me!! :)

  4. Your yard is lovely. My flower garden is overgrown. I just cut back my knock out roses today. I love to see tomatoes in the window.

  5. Great post...I feel summer winding down. You captured that perfectly. I love seeing the pictures of your home, so pretty and relaxed. And your garden is lovely! Hurray on all those tomatoes!! I put mine on the window sill, too!


  6. I enjoyed the lamplight photos, particularly the one with the dark furniture and wall and the wonderful painting.

  7. I can feel and even smell summer starting to wind down too - unfortunately. It's my favorite season. I love tomatoes ripening on a window sill. Looks so homey, doesn't it?

  8. There is something so special about lamp light as evening comes on and the light begins to fade.


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