Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Across the Pond

Have you ever wanted to put your things in storage, load up your kids and dog and kitties and move across the pond?  My dear Chicago friends did just that exactly one year ago.  Brave, right?

Mina and I met thirty years ago.  She is what I call a lifer, meaning, she's stuck with me for life.  She is a wonderful and beautiful friend, and I am happy to share these lovely photos of her rental home in England.  

What a view!

 I love Mina's home in Chicago, and maybe at some future date, she'll share photos of that house, too.  I have to say, though, that I see my dear friend written all over this English room—the pretty yellow sofa, the mixture of dark and light, the elegant comfort.  She furnished this space on a shoestring budget.  Plus, she can do/make anything.  For those less-than-perfect items, she simply refurbished them.  You should know this woman is not afraid of power tools, either.

Imagine having tea and scones here.

 Or, curling up with a book and a glass of wine here.

I love how sweet and warm this kitchen is.  A place to make coffee and pour cereal or tack up the children's art work from school.  This space makes me think of a cozy winter morning for some reason.

Gracie is my friend's daughter.  She is a bee-yoooo-ti-ful child with a great sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic.  This space is just perfect for her.  Plus, who doesn't love a big banana in a play room? This picture made me laugh because it is so my friend to find a big banana, drag it home (I seriously wish I could've been present for this purchase) and mount it above her children's play space.  Plus, I think that American Girl doll is playing her guitar while topless.  Gracie, put some clothes on that girl!

More inviting spaces.  I love yellow, so this sofa is right up my alley, and I wish I could get a better look at that fabric on the windows.  Looks vintage to me.

I miss my Chicago friends and our yearly adventures together.  But it's nice to see them have this time away, to know they are making memories and learning new things.  In September they are off to France!  

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  1. Oh- What a wonderful home they found to rent. I just love it. I am sure you miss her though and will be glad to have her back home! LOVE the big banana- imagine walking down the street with that sucker-- xo Diana

  2. So nice seeing homes in other countries. I love all the open rafters and wood supports (I think that's what they are). The tiny little tables to eat at are so cute. Love the couch as well. The little girl's room is adorable. Wonder where she found that banana, hah. Thanks for sharing. I wish you could go visit her.

  3. Your friends are having a wonderful adventure!

  4. What a wonderful rental! I love the beams in the wall and the charm of the little girls room. So sweet. I hope you can get over to see them while they are there.

  5. I could definitely make myself at home here! What a lovely thing to do...pack up and move to another country for awhile! Truly adventurous! I love the yellow sofa, too! :)


  6. My what a adventerous live they lead! France next..my dream if I won the lottery!

  7. What an adventure. I would miss my friends and family but I could do it. I do love all things British. hugs to you, olive


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