Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Delight!

My little girls came home from camp today, and I have done nothing but laundry ever since.  Oh, and water the garden and grocery shop and help them unpack and change sheets.  Whew!  Just when I thought I had run out of steam, I decided to add some fresh flowers to the mix.  For some bazaar reason, this sort of thing chills me right out, and on a hot day like today, I need some chilling out!

The lavender is from the hubby's garden.  Smells like heaven to me!  The limelight hydrangeas are mine, and they are growing like crazy, providing some much-needed privacy around our backyard, too.

Wouldn't this be PERFECT for a bridal bouquet?

I love my living room.  Please tell me why I don't spend more time in here.  When one of my best girlfriends calls up to chat, this is where I go to talk.

Cute little bowl was a Home Goods find.  The shells I picked up on a beach in Africa.

Just kidding.  I've never been to Africa.  Don't I wish!  I did pick them up at Home Goods, though:-)

Tonight we're having fried chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, and biscuits for dinner.  Bought everything at the market today because tonight I plan on being lazy.  Hope this Sunday finds you all being lazy, too.


  1. Love your flowers, they are just gorgeous. Such a lovely room. Dinner sounds fabulous also. Enjoy Hugs, Marty

  2. Your room is delightful! I believed you about the shells in Africa. Nothing surprises me because one of my friends has shells from Africa when she was on a mission trip there.

    I love your limelight and lavender. All your accessories are nice but I especially like your sofa fabric and needlepoint pillows. Colors are great.

  3. I love my living room too, why don't you spend time there? Yours looks like a relaxed formal! Love it!

  4. As a matter of fact, it has been a lazy Sunday! I love your living room and, yes, you should spend more time there. :)

  5. Your living room is lovely. I especially like those white pitchers.

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous! What a delicate hydrangea. I am loving that one...I wonder if it would grow well in Oregon? I have one is beautiful for outside but wilts right away when cut. That would make a gorgeous bridal bouquet! Your dinner sounds so southern and delicious..I'll be right over:)

  7. What a pretty post. You flowers are lovely as is your living room. need to spend more time in that pretty setting. Enjoy your girls first nights home...xo Diana

  8. Beautiful table vignette, everything works well together!


  9. Those flowers are gorgeous - and the whole vignette is beautiful! You should use that room more often. It looks very relaxing, although I do recall that porch of yours is also a great place to hang out! You sure have some lovely spaces! Have a great week!

  10. I agree that your living room is lovely! I love of my favorite summer flowers.

  11. What a very rich, traditional living room you have. It is so welcoming because of your detailed touches! Hydrangeas are always so charming!


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