Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Change of Venue

Sometimes you just need a change of venue.  I was a teeny bit stressed the last time I blogged, worrying about all sorts of things that were beyond my control.  But then, we went on vacation, as in, headed to the airport, boarded a plane, and blew out of Dodge.

Our destination?  California.  Yosemite National Park.  Can you say beautiful?  Breathtaking?  Life changing?  It really was that kind of trip.  Hiking and eating and sight seeing and bonding with my family.  Back to nature.  A reminder that the world is soooo much bigger than my silly little problems.  It took Mother Nature thousands of years to create this, which makes me question why I always seem to be in such a hurry.  Seriously, why?

The journey is pretty special.

The journey is the best part.

With so much beauty around, why not stop and breathe and say a quiet prayer of thanks?

I have wonderful traveling companions, after all.  And in spite of the fact that I will never be able to do IT ALL, at least not simultaneously, they still love me.  In fact, they really love me.  

And I am grateful.


  1. Gorgeous! glad u are having a great time. Yosemite is one park I have not been too, how did my parents skip it when we went out west?

  2. You are are pretty and young and a beautiful family that loves you...what more would you want??:):) Oh a nice awe inspiring vacation, oh yes. Smiles to all of you, Susie

  3. What a lovely trip! You're pictures are gorgeous of the landscape!!! I also really like the picture of you and your family, so sweet:)
    I'm glad the trip seemed to refresh you!

  4. Such beautiful scenery! What a wonderful family picture and thank you for sharing a lesson we should all heed. Glad you feel refreshed, relaxed and and can approach life with a renewed spirit!


  5. You do sound centered and at peace. Great trip, beautiful images of the scenery and your family and good for you. xoxo, olive

  6. What a great post- one filled with inner peace and understanding of self. Your trip looks like it was wonderful and your family is beautiful- xo Diana

  7. Oh my goodness, those pictures are gorgeous! I've never been to Yosemite...looks absolutely breathtaking.

  8. Spectacular! Wonderful photos and a genuine sentiment. I agree wholeheartedly with time for me to get OUT of week... Love your family photo!

  9. Stunning shots!! Glad you had a great time! We're leaving for California in another week, can't wait:)

  10. Your photographs are beautiful! What a wonderful place to recharge. Thank you for visiting my blog and following.
    Your newest follower,

  11. It sounds like the trip helped put things in perspective. You have a beautiful family, by the way.

  12. Oh - I loved seeing your trip to Yosemite! Our lake house is an hour away and we usually go once a year - isn't it just a beautiful place? Your pictures are wonderful. I enjoyed seeing them. My husband and two of my kids climbed Half Dome last summer. You can see the pictures:

    Kathy from:


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