Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where the Magic Happens (on a good day)

I spend a LOT of time in the basement, which is just fine if it's chilly out and gloomy.  I can turn on my trusty space heater, close the pocket doors, and work away for hours.

This desk was a cast-off from my husband's office.  It looks a tad too lawyer/banker-ish for my taste, but it is nice and big.  The prints I picked up in New Orleans years ago, and the lamp just makes me smile.  Originally, the walls in here were yellow, like the rest of the basement, but the color wasn't working for me mentally for some reason.  I wanted something calm and soothing.

As fussy as I am about the rest of the house, I can never seem to keep it neat here.  There are all these little piles—notes and drafts and books and teaching journals and the family calendar.  Oh, and see that little tin cup?  My granddaddy used to hang it on the well pump.  On hot days he drank from it, and  often I did, too.  It holds paper clips now.

I love the cushy wrist rest, a purchase from an office supply store.

Oh, how I heart this warm friend!  Basements can be chilly work spaces, even in summer.

My pathetic chair.  Yes, it's sad. And, yes, I see so many home offices with elegant chairs, but I've written several novels in this chair, and I'm a tiny bit superstitious about it.

Speaking of chairs, a student cross-stitched this for me a couple of years ago.  We'd read a New Yorker article on Nora Roberts, and this was a quote from the article.  Roberts believes half the battle of writing a novel is putting your "ass in the chair" and keeping it there.  Crude though it may be, she speaks the truth.  Writers have to write, or else that novel is nothing more than a distant dream.

The vases belonged to my mother.

Writers must also read.  These are mostly my teaching books.  Oh, and Fannie Flagg.  I just love her!

The shelves came from Ikea.  We initially wanted built-ins, but I wasn't sold on the whole working in the dungeon basement thing, so we held off.  I'm glad we did.  For now this system works just fine.

Thank goodness for these windows.  I have two of them.  Not a lot of natural light, but something is better than nothing.  More vases from Mama.

Teapots from Mama.

This chest was the first thing my grandmother purchased after receiving her first paycheck.  She worked for the phone company.  Inside are extra copies of my books.  Grandmother would like that.

Finally, there is this.  A talented, special girlfriend painted it after my first hardcover novel was released in June of 2008.  I was beyond touched.

Maybe one day I'll actually clean my office and take some pretty pictures (or not).


  1. Your space looks very comfy and cozy and hard working. How nice to have a dedicated space for you! I love the peek at your bookshelves. I am always peeking {or wanting to} at people's bookcases to get more ideas. Although I have such a pile waiting to be read, I don't know why I need more!

  2. It's fun to see the space you write your novels in, just the way it is! ~ Maureen

  3. thanks for the fun tour! you are so fortunate tp have that great space to call yours!!

  4. Thanks for the tour--the cross stitch made me laugh!


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