Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where I Went Part I

I knew it was going to be impossible to blog this week.  I knew I wouldn't have time to link up or read blogs, either.  What I didn't know was how much I would miss blogging and linking up and visiting blogs! Now that a very hectic week is behind me, I intend to catch up.

Last weekend a dear writer friend of mine turned sixty, and there was a surprise par-TAY for her in Oxford, Maryland.  Oxford just so happens to be one of my favorite places on earth.  For starters, it's where we keep our boat.  And, it's where the hubby proposed so many summers ago.  In fact, we got engaged on our sail boat at this very marina.  There was a full moon, and I kid you not, swans swam by.

Spring was starting to work its magic, and it was interesting to see how different everything looked in late winter.  Normally, we only spend time here in the summer.  I'm going to stop "talking" now, and let y'all enjoy the pictures and the quaintness and the sheer magic of Oxford, Maryland.

Obviously, the water makes this place special, but the houses, at least if you're an old-house lover like me, take my breath away.  Old and pretty and picket-fenced with lots of color and gardens and details that truly inspire.

Check 'em out.

The house below was completely restored a few years ago.  It's been for sale for quite a while.  Trust me, if I had TWO million, it would be mine all mine.

The inside is as gracious and lovely and welcoming as the outside, and it overlooks the Strand, the avenue below.  I could definitely wake up to this every morning!

The Robert Morris Inn, also the location of my friend's party, has a great atmosphere and exceptional food!  Sorry, lady on the porch, whoever you are:-)

This house is currently being restored, and it's the husband's favorite.

The Sandaway has been a hotel for several years now.  We've stayed here, too, and it's amazing!

A side view—so magnificent!

Yellow rays of hope!

So nice to have the hubby all to myself for a change.

This tree is called a weeping birch.  It's twisted and gnarled and majestic.

Love the carvings.  People don't do this anymore—not good for the tree—but kind of romantic back in the day.

You should see this gorgeous crepe myrtle in the summertime!  Yet another fabulous home.

The hubby and I stayed here.  We've been to the Ruffled Duck a few times now, alone and with the kids.  The owners are nice, and the breakfast is delicious.

Gotta love this porch!

This is my favorite house in Oxford.  Sorry to say I've never been inside it.  Doesn't it look like the sort of place where the characters live happily ever after?


  1. Beautiful old homes and water to gaze upon. What more could one ask! I'd love to spend time here! ~ Maureen

  2. Oh, what beautiful pictures! The houses are fabulous! My son and his wife actually live in Tacoma, MD in an historic home and it is a real beauty too. So much charm with those porches, don't you think? And I love your house too! and the colors!

  3. Your photos are stunning. I love that area of Maryland. The history, the water.......

  4. HI! Thanks for stopping by because it brought me to your spot! I love this place! The historic holmes are beautiful. I will add this spot to my list of places to see. Thank you. Your blog is so nice! I'm your newest follower .Huggs, Sunny

  5. Hello! I just love the pictures of Oxford! I definitely need to visit there, as I'm also a huge fan of historic homes and ANY body of water (I'm sure those ducks share my sentiments).
    Thanks for sharing those lovely pics! :)

    -a fellow teacher, Jane @

  6. I have never heard of Oxford, Maryland. Looks like a fabulouse place. You make me want to go. And we have daffodils here in Texas coming up. I'm waiting patiently to see yours.

  7. What a beautiful place! The homes are so charming and I love the pictures with the adorondack chairs!

  8. What a gorgeous place to visit. Glad you got to go to the partay too. Great pics you shared and so scenic.

  9. What a charming town and so fun to visit thru your eyes! The homes are all amazing, wish I had 2 mil, we might have a bidding war!

  10. Oxford looks like a wonderful place for a wander. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the beautiful homes.

  11. Thank you for the beautiful tour! I can definitely see why you like it so much. Love the homes. My husband and I love quaint little historic towns. I love the photo with the little ducks enjoying the tiny puddle. We travel through Maryland sometimes on our way to Delaware to visit our son and grandkids. It's a beautiful state!

  12. What a beautiful and charming town! I'm going to have to check this place out since we live in Virginia.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your gracious comments.
    Mary Alice

  13. OH MY! This is my kind of place! I love everything about it. I am going to pin some of these pics and add Oxford to my list of places to go. Thanks!

    BTW-I have a stack of your books I waiting to be read! I am reading about Delk's visit to Ireland now. These are going to be perfect in a few years for my granddaughters. They can learn about the world with a little romance but clean language and nice kids. Win-win!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. what fun pictures!!! and love the houses!!

  15. Now this is my kind of eye candy. All these old homes!!!
    So excited to have found your blog and another lover of old houses :)


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