Saturday, February 18, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

I would like to thank Tonya at Cozy Little Farmhouse for giving me this award.

I hope y'all will take some time to visit her terrific blog!

So, here's how this works.  I tell you seven things about myself, then I list seven blogs I like to visit.  Here goes…

1)  I write young adult novels.  I've published three of them with Penguin Publishers.  Currently, I'm hard at work on number four.

2)  I promised myself I would only do this blog for fun.  No pressure.  No worries.  No stress over the writing.  Hard for a writer person to do, I must say.  

3)  I'm obsessed with the condition of my kitchen counter.  I clean it morning, noon, and night.

4)  I drink way too many Diet Cokes—three per day.  There is one sitting on my desk right now.

5)  In addition to writing, I also teach at a magnet high school.  Teaching, like writing, is a passion of mine.  My students are so smart and talented.  It's astounding, really.  

6)  I get my feelings hurt way too easily.  I'm working on that.

7)  I love God and my family.

As for the blogs I like to visit, that's HARD!  I visit so many, and I like them all for different reasons.  Here are a few I visit on a regular basis:

Many thanks to Tonya for thinking of me!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you SO much for the award! I am so flattered you included me in your list. I am not familiar with some of them so I am excited to go visit! Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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