Sunday, February 12, 2012

The To Do List

When I was a kid, we spent every Sunday afternoon at my grandmother's house.  Sunday had to be a day of rest.  We were too full of fried chicken, stewed potatoes, pinto beans, mac and cheese (the real deal), corn bread, sweet tea, and some decadent dessert to do anything but rest.

These days Sunday afternoons are about catching up, crossing off, and bracing ourselves for the long week ahead.  We do go to church most Sunday mornings, so this tradition is preserved at least.  But the rest of the day is spent doing too much, moving too fast, and not resting at all.

Here's what we've "accomplished" so far:

Daughters' fish bowls cleaned.  Check.

 New Ballard Design antler thingy hung.  Check.  I do love him!

New lamp added to master bedroom bureau.  Check.  No more spending for a while.  Hubby gets nervous when too many brown boxes are waiting by the door.

Powder room faucet cleared of all sediment.  Yuck.  And check.

Youngest daughter pitched in.  She cleaned her room and…

tidied up the American Girl doll situation.  

She also took it upon her ten year old self to reorganize the bathroom cabinet.

A chip off the ole block.

We had just enough snow last night for a few rounds of sledding.  Cleaning up this mess will be an addition to the check list.

Middle daughter will return from her friend's house to find Mr. Dyson waiting for her:-)  I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

Youngest daughter and I made these.

We're still waiting for the dough to chill so we can roll these babies out, bake 'em, and ice 'em.  Heart-shaped, of course.

Puppies have rested for sure.  They got their shots yesterday.  

In addition, I scrubbed this…

And this…

And this…

Toilets and floors and sinks, too, but I'll spare you the details.

In a few minutes, I'm gonna call it quits.  We'll have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner (from a can—sorry, Grandmother!).  Tonight I'm gonna sit in front of a fire and watch the Grammy Awards.  Probably get a little misty-eyed at whatever last-minute Whitney Houston tribute they've managed to arrange.  

When I stop and think about it, my grandmother didn't get much Sunday rest, either.  After all, she was the one preparing that gorgeous meal.  Maybe the rest part isn't as important as the together part.  

Somewhere today there is a little girl grieving the loss of her beautiful, talented mother.  And all those seemingly trivial things on the to-do list are done forever now.   

RIP, Whitney.  God bless her little girl and those who loved her truly.



  1. You have been busy today! I love your antler thingy too...

    Yes, Whitney is a sad story for sure....

  2. Your day sounds like mine!! Life is sooo fast, and we should live every bit of the time we have!! I'm so sad for Whtiney too! Sometimes life is too much to bear(:(

    Your home looks so lovey and welcoming and relaxing place from all the world can dish out!! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Ok now can you come to my house and check off a few LOL!

  4. You have been a busy girl! I did a lot of cleaning today, too.

    I love your new lamp and antler decoration.

    No snow here...sigh...Hope yours won't stick around too long.

  5. You have been busy today! And what a thoughtful tribute!

  6. Busy lady!!!
    Thanks for your visit and sweet words!

  7. Wow...I am tired just reading! Great job! Love the antlers from Ballard Designs!

  8. WOW! You have been busy. Doesn't it feel great to get to-do things checked off? Visiting from Debbie Doo's and I'm your newest follower. If you get a chance maybe you can visit me and follow back! Hugs, Kim

  9. Sunday always is a blurr. It is my husbands only day off and I want to spend time together but it is filled with grocery shopping and running errands. But we do squeeze in watching golf. Soon it will be yard work days. I love Sundays but that is only because I usually have Mondays off thank goodness!

  10. Whew,you have been one busy lady! I sure wish I had gotten that much done this weekend!!! LOL
    Havea great week :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google :o)

  11. Goodness! Your post makes me feel tired and very unproductive! I just have to comment on the pleasure of Grandma'a Sunday dinners. We still go to my mom's house almost every Sunday and I can relate to the food-coma afterwards. But it surely is good!

  12. Wow, you got a lot done. All that good country cooking you mentioned reminds me of get togethers with my hubby's family since they cook just like that. Is that the master your daughter is standing in or her room. I love it. I watched the grammys, too and it was wonderful and I did tear up over some of the Whitney tributes. I was looking forward to her new album.

  13. Whew, I'm exhausted just looking at all you did :)

  14. As soon as I can I will get you a list of things I need to accomplish because you have been one busy lady! Good for you!

  15. I stopped by from Debbiedoo's and so glad I did! You really accomplished a are more than welcome to stop by here and help out. Your daughter is adorable! They really can be a lot of help at times ~ you know what I mean. :-)

    I was so impressed by the tribute for Whitney at the Grammy's ~ very tastefully done. I appreciated the honor for Glenn Campbell too ~ another sad situation.

    I'm now following you and look forward to more. Your home is beautiful! Stop by and say hi when you can.


  16. You make me want a nap after all that but I do understand and I no longer work, Thank God. We attend the first church service at 8:30am so we can get projects done on Sunday like loads of garden work or house work. We do read the newspaper from cover to cover and find that restful. The antler thingy is perfect with your decor. I am looking for a lamp like yours for a customer (secondhand). Have a terrific week. xoxo, olive

  17. You just reminded me I have to clean the fish bowl! There is no time for rest around here either! Have a great week!

  18. Wow! You got a lot done! Thank you so much for following my blog. You must be from the south! My parents were from the south and every Sunday my Mom cooked a huge dinner and all the aunts and uncles and cousins came over. The menu? Fried chicken, pinto beans, cornbread, fried potatoes and sweet tea!
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. I just gave you an award over at my blog!! Come check it out!
    Hope you and your family have a Happy Valentines!

  20. Sunday really is never a day of it?

    Your recollection of Sundays growing up were a lot like mine- but mine's the Italian version. Pasta til you couldn't move. :)

    That was fun look into your life...


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