Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peeping Tom

I confess it here:  I love looking in windows.  Before y'all start closing your blinds and shades or "unfollowing" me, I'll explain.

 Sometimes, I put on my coat and boots and take a walk outside at night.  I love observing where I live from afar, especially when I know the people/critters I love most are safely tucked inside.

The yellow glow of lamplight looks inviting, doesn't it?

The table is set, and dinner is on the stove.  In winter, there are always candles in the window.

During these walks I remind myself that I am blessed in so many ways.

Inside it's warm, and there are loved ones waiting.  

At least one of them is sneaking a snack before dinner.

That's middle daughter's "busted" face.

There's water boiling for pasta.  And spaghetti sauce simmering.

The table is set.  Chocolate milk is poured.

There's dessert for later.

The house is mostly clean, and I've rearranged a few things (as always!).  I moved this lamp from the piano to the table.

The Pottery Barn piece has been refilled with shells, the lemons relocated.

The last of the paper whites…

We work so hard on our homes.  Sometimes, it's nice to take a walk around and soak it all in.

Hope you'll all come back again and again!  


  1. You have a lovely home. My Parents never own their home and we lived in many when I was growing up. Sometimes I can't believe we have the home we do. Coming home always makes me grateful that I have one to come to.

  2. Running on occasion at night is treat because I can see a bit of the inside of certain homes that I admire. I love coming home at night when my husband has been home first to turn on the lights and lamps. It looks so warm and cozy then. Your post is a good reminder to be thankful for what we have.

  3. I love looking at Linderhof from outside at night! It's the best reason I know to walk Oliver -- and I especially like the magic of the breakfast room. Thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful homey home. And a welcoming home!

  4. It looks beautiful! My girlfriend and I call the looking in the windows as "window alerts". We might be driving around and say "slow down! window alert!". Kind of funny but now I have my cousins doing it....that time when the sun goes down and people first turn on their light their home looks so pretty.

  5. I love seeing the glow of people's lamps in their homes at night. It always engenders a sense of peace in me. I love the busted look :)

  6. I love riding around at night and peeping in window that have no curtains. Always pass my house last to take a peek in too. Love lamp light.

  7. I must admit, though, I do love to take the dog out for a walk just around dusk before everyone closes up their blinds for the night ... when they've just returned home from work and are unwinding ...

    ... and getting a peek inside their homes. Now, here in Chicago, all our first floors are up a flight of steps so it's not like I've got my nose up to their windows ...



  8. I did a post on my blog some time back about looking into my home from outside at night. I want to see that warm gold glow... that welcoming look of, "Come and visit us!" I truly fell in love with my home all over again.
    Funny thing... I have spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove too... waiting for our two grown sons to show up for dinner. One is working and the other is running errands before returning home to his family in Mexico in the morning.
    I'll be back. I'll be your newest follower!
    Ladybug Creek

  9. That was a fun post! I really did feel like a peeping tom looking in your windows. Ha! I hope your neighbors didn't see you walking around doing that with your camera. I could only imagine what they would've thought! (I think that about mine if I'm outside taking pics for my blog.) Your home looks very warm and inviting and filled with love. That's the way it should be!

  10. I love the warm glow cast from windows at night! Loved peeking in your windows....you have a beautiful home :o)

  11. Cute post! It was fun peeking in you windows!

  12. You home is so warm and inviting and that kitchen is to die for!! I love it when I drive past a house and you can see inside. I am always interested to see how they decorate!

  13. As a nurse who once worked night shift I used to dread driving to work and seeing the lights in the windows and peoples cozy homes. Now that I am retired I really can relax and enjoy a night time walk or drive-no dreading.

  14. I totally know what you mean! It is such a sweet and happy time of the day to see the warmth glowing out from home. I especially love it at Christmas time!

  15. You have a beautiful home. Now that you have inspired me, I will take photos of MY humble cottage, after dark, when my lamps and candles are glowing....just like yours. :))

  16. Your home looks warm and cozy inside and out! I love the standing spoon rest!

  17. Isn't it amazing what a different perspective can do to make us fall in love all over again with our own home? When I was a teenager there was this street that seemed far away from where I lived (at the time), and I would go walking up and down it with a girlfriend and we would ooh and ahhh while shamelessly looking into the windows from the sidewalk. Those homes were in the "fancy" part of town at the time and they gave me my first realy inkling of what a "home" could really be. Some people had pianos! Some had fireplaces! All of those homes looked much more delicious than my own family's humble rented flat, clean though it was, with its chintzy old-fashioned floral linoleum and very old hand-me-down furniture (we didn't know "vintage" back then), one bathroom for the 8 of us, and the boys sleeping on a sleeper sofa in the living room. What interesting memories your photographs brought back.

  18. I love the look of lights on at night while I'm out walking or driving too! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!!


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