Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Blues? NOT!

Tired of this?  

Then try some of this…

I start thinking about my screen porch, the grill, chlorine, and flip-flops this time of year.  Oh, but we have so far to go before all that!  And since I have yet to score that second home in Key West or South Beach, flowers and green things will have to do. 

Bright red tulips in the bedroom.  

Pinky-white ones in the living room.

Green things, some fake and some real.

But the house does smell like beef stew, and later I'll make corn bread.  After dinner we'll build a fire and light a few candles.  Here's to surviving winter! 

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  1. Yes the greenry adds so much to a winter home! Just a breath of springtime air!!

  2. I agree fresh flowers always perk up a place. Beautiful!!

  3. I have that same green crackle large cup and saucer planter!! I need to head to the store and get some flowers and looks so wonderful in your home.

  4. The flowers are beautiful!! Beef stew and cornbread, sounds so good!!

  5. As you might have noticed, greenery doesn't do very well in my home...but yours look beautiful and I could definitely buy some of those gorgeous tulips! Love them! Let's hope spring gets here fast! Have a nice evening.

  6. Great idea to add fresh flowers throughout your beautiful home to help survive winter.
    Your newest follower, Mary Alice

  7. I love winter and I love flowers as well and I love having flowers inside in the winter! And plants -- it makes a house seem more alive! Love those tulips! But I adore tulips!

  8. I love this post and I adore your yellow buffalo check fabric on your table. Where did you get it? The window panel fabric is wonderful as well. We are definitely kindred souls when it comes to decorating style and colors. Enjoy your weekend in front of the fire!

  9. The flowers and plants are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post at Potpourri Friday!

  10. Gorgeous! I love greenery in a room too. Thanks for sharing a Feathered Nest Friday!


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