Friday, December 2, 2011

Master Bath Redo—Woo-hoo!

Sunlight is streaming through the windows this morning, and there was a hard frost last night.  Earlier I went for a run on the nature trail.  It's a good day!

Plus, remember when I mentioned that we needed more contrast between the master bath and the bedroom?  Well, we now have contrast.  Or, I just went overboard with the Christmas spirit.  

This is what the master bath looked like before Thanksgiving…

…here's what it looks like after!

Remember the silver mirrors?

Thanks to all your rave reviews of Annie Sloan chalk paint, they now look like this.  

I will confess, however, the surface is…well, chalky.  I'm still getting used to the texture, though I like this version much better than the silvery stuff.  That was just way too shiny for my taste.  Plus, this is more in keeping with the toile valance (from Country Curtains).

We moved into this house two years ago.  At first, we were just completely thrilled to have a master bath.  Our old house was old—built in the 1880s.  And what with all the major issues ALWAYS going on—septic, roof, plumbing, well, ancient trees falling, you name it—we never had the budget for much-needed bathroom renovations.  In spite of the many issues, I miss my old house, but I'll save that for another blog.  Anyhow, this bath was finished when we moved in, and while we like it okay, we wouldn't have selected the above black vanity or the light fixture or this tile.

My husband hates the border thing.  I'm not a fan of the stainless steel sinks, either.  They get yucky.  But I do like the drains—no worries about jewelry slipping down them.

And the faucets look like they're about to fly away.  Wish they would so I'd have an excuse to get new ones!

Maybe someday we'll gut the whole thing, and I'll get subway tile and marble and a distressed white vanity and some sort of vintage light fixture.  For now I plan to be happy with what I have and stay focused on the positives.  

Here are are a few of them!

Check out the view!  I get to look at this while drying my hair.  Amazing, isn't it?

And there are so many new details that I love.  For starters, these plates from Pier One!

They are beautiful!  (I get way too excited about plates—it's a disorder, I think.)  

New glass hardware from Anthropologie.  On sale for $3.00, cheap by any standards, right?  And my towel hook.  OH, let me count the ways I love thee.  I get a tad weepy just looking at her.  

And my totally pretty and very OLD new table.  It was a steal.  The cops may show up any second!  I love the turned handles with the chipped green paint.  I cleaned it up with Windex (my fragrance of choice these days).  I already had these pretty towels and the candle was from Crate and Barrel.  The pitcher I bought at Home Goods ages ago.  

Love the way light streams in here.  The bench is another Home Goods find.  I may recover it again if I find a fabric on sale that I can't resist.  The tiny Orientals are actually great for the bath.  They never look dingy and are so easy to keep clean.

Since we're sail boaters, we love this print.  My husband actually bought it ages ago.

Some might say I've gone overboard with the Christmas spirit here in the bathroom.  We'll see how I feel after the first of January when I've had enough of red and green.  This little guy is all in favor of the new look, however.


  1. Love that color on the wall. And you know I am partial to the red in your accessories!! Thanks for leaving the wonderful comments and I'm following you too!!!!

  2. Oh, so pretty! Love your old, new table! :)

  3. Your bath looks wonderful! About AS Chalk Paint. Did you wax it after painting? That takes away the chalky look....and gives it a warm vintage patina.


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