Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Living Room a.k.a. My Favorite Room

We're getting the Christmas tree tomorrow, and since the living room will be a wreck during the process of stringing lights and decorating, I thought I'd share a few snapshots here.  I might have mentioned how much I love the color yellow.  This is the same shade as the master bedroom—filtered light.  Honestly, it just makes me feel better about everything.  So does the fabric on the windows.

Fabric was a big decision because I knew these custom drapes would be a huge (and permanent) investment, yet I didn't want to play it safe.  I wanted something cheerful and happy but a little formal, too.  It is a living room, after all, and while I want guests (and my kids) to feel comfortable, I also expect that they'll behave themselves in this room.  

Since the vistas are pretty, I didn't want much coverage.  Just embellishment for the windows.  I ordered some fabric from Calico Corners and the rest at a much cheaper price online.  The desk is yet another antique we inherited from my hubby's parents.  Chairs, too.  They were covered in bright red velvet, which I'd intended to keep, but the fabric was stained.  I'm proud to say I recovered these myself.  The sales lady at Calico (bless her heart!) instructed me every step of the way.

I was extra proud of that trim!  The pillow I purchased, though.  Look closely at the fringe on the Oriental.  This is a scary confession, but I actually comb it.  

I'll stop chattering and let you browse a minute…

Thanks for visiting:-)  


  1. What a beautiful room! I love the fabric on the windows. I know what you mean about custom treatments being permanant. When I did them in my kitchen I knew my husband would make me keep them basically forever because of the cost! Yours are beautiful though and have a timeless look to them. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my Christmas cards. I may end up hanging them in the doorways again. It's the way I have always done it and there is a comfort in that tradition. Have a great week..I am now a follower of yours.

  2. Very pretty room! I love the art over the sideboard, and the mix of fabrics!! It's so sunny and bright, can't wait to see it with Christmas tree!!

  3. How very cozy and warm. I love your secretary desk too. Pretty sunlight comes in your home.

  4. Your family room is really lovely. It's very cheerful and relaxing at the same time. Your little antique looking desk is pretty too. I know that your tree is going to look pretty in that room.

  5. Thanks so much for all the nice compliments. I can't wait to share pictures of the tree—IF we ever get it up! Kids' tree went up last night, so hopefully we'll have everything else finished this weekend.

  6. Your Daffodil Cottage is just beautiful. I, too, like yellow and it does, indeed, make me feel good. My master bedroom is a soft yellow that I love.

  7. Love your home, it's beautiful!!! Found your blog from Debbie Do's . Your blog definitely lives up to the title :)

  8. What a fabulous room! So warm and your colors and style!

  9. I just discovered your blog yesterday and really love your decorating style. It's so full of color. So lively and interesting!!! That can be hard to achieve in combination with least it is for me. I shall visit your site often for inspiration! Thank you!
    ---Bev S. in Indiana


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