Monday, November 14, 2011

A Look Around

Here are a few pictures of my home.  We live in a Dutch colonial that was actually built in 1972, occupied for many years by a not-so-house-proud homeowner, sold later to a talented contractor, restored to great condition by the contractor, then occupied by the five of us.  The contractor did a fabulous job sprucing things up, be we've changed a LOT since moving in two years ago.

I love vignettes.  Can you tell?

The front of our house.  Not the most flattering view, but I had socks on when I ran out to snap this picture.  Now I have damp socks:-)

It was a lot of work hanging these pictures. I had them numbered and kept going up and down the stairs all day.  Love looking at all the pretty faces, though!

See the light fixture?  The old one was tiny and from a big box store, and so dim!  Plus, it really did look like a breast.  Ugh.  I got this one for a steal at  Had to attach all those crystals myself.  They're actually plastic, but they look like real glass.

Splurged on an Oriental for our anniversary last year.  I love all the bold colors, and it does NOT show dirt.

This is our tiny upstairs hallway.  I still want to change out the shade.  The tortoise shell is too busy with the paper.  The chimney closet was something my hubby found.  He has good taste, don't you think?

Another change out.  I am a big fan of School House Lighting.  This fixture makes me so happy what with the little blue trim and all.

A peek at the living room.  Our entry is tiny, claustrophobic, you might say, but the French doors to the living room definitely help!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. love the doors, so pretty! Thanks for stopping in and welcome to blogging!

  2. Thanks, Kristin. Thanks for the nice compliment. I do love those doors, as they bring in lots of light!

  3. Such a beautiful and warm home!!!!! I love the blue and white. Your oriental is a huge splash of classy color.
    What a lovely visit!

  4. Thanks so much, Yvonne. Love your post on Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great one!

  5. I love the wallpaper and the french doors. You have a beautiful home!


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