Monday, February 19, 2018

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I love blogging, but
I think I love Instagram even more!

I plan to post regularly there, too. 

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More Sweet Spots

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Okay, so much for blogging more as a New Year's resolution. Oh, well... I will get around to it when I can, I suppose. I am grateful for those who do blog regularly! I love checking in and seeing a new post.

The sweet spots tour continues, though we do have some exciting things brewing around here. When the weather is better, I'll snap a few pictures. Too dreary outside to take proper photos.

Hubby brought home hydrangeas for my birthday.
I love hydrangeas and daffodils best of all!

Donuts in the glass dish, a sweet spot for sure!

I love it when a kitchen looks like someone actually cooks in there.
To me the oils and salt-pepper shakers are part of the decor. 
This little caddy came from Target, 
and I absolutely love it, a lazy Susan for lazy Suzanne. 

Best of all is this silver salt container with its tiny spoon. 
Yes, I use it, all the time, in fact.

Still loving my new bench cushion and pillows.
Such rich colors, and that stack 
of magazines keeps getting higher and higher. 

I'm curious. Where do you all buy your magazines?
It's getting harder to find them in stores, and 
while I love looking at things online, there
is something much more inviting about curling up 
with a good magazine.

Family photos, aprons, dishes, flowers, candles, a pretty bottle of wine.
To me these simple things tell the story of a home and 
the folks who live there. 

What makes your home a home? 
I'm genuinely curious.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sweet Spots in the Family Room

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Every now and then, I like to do a post called "sweet spots." 
These are just places in my home (or my life) that make me happy. 

My husband loves to crack walnuts.
One of his sweet spots, I guess.

I love sunshine. 
We get such nice light in our house, 
in most of the rooms at least. 
Sunlight definitely helps perk up my wintertime mood!
House plants help, too.

Reading is essential for so many reasons.
I learn. I think. I step outside my own cluttered brain for a while.

I have books for downstairs, upstairs, and the car.

Americanah is the downstairs book. 
When I get bored watching TV
or the husband has sports on again, I read.

Hillbilly Elegy is the car (Audible) book.
I love listening to books! 

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry is my bedside table book.
I need my few minutes of reading before bed year-round. 

Books are definitely sweet spots for me.
What are your sweet spots?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sweet Spots in the Living Room

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There are certain sweet spots in my home that make me smile.
There are some not so sweet spots, too, of course, 
but today I'm sticking with the good stuff.

Yesterday was my birthday. I worked. 
Usually, I find a way to take the day off. 
Also, I scheduled a mammogram for after work.
Dumb idea.
The mammogram is important, sure, but
I could've cut myself some slack
and planned it for another day.

Today I've done exactly what I want. 
Long, hilly walk with my neighbor and good friend.
Lunch all by myself and staring out at the bird feeders.
Hanging with the dog and youngest daughter.
It's becoming my new favorite pastime.

I hope this post finds you doing whatever you want, too!

Picked up these gorgeous and fragrant flowers at Wegman's last week.
Can't for the life of me remember what they are called. 
Heaven. I will definitely be looking for these again. 

The. Sun. Is. Shining.

A clean, sparse mantel.

An antique etching and candy dish.
Growing up there were always candy dishes in living rooms.
There is something charming about this that I love.
Lemon drops are the featured candy.

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary recently. 
Still love this guy.

Here's to the sweet spots in my home and my life.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mudroom Reveal

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For a while I've been yammering about new stuff in the mudroom.
Well, the week before Christmas the new duds arrived. 

Here's the BEFORE version.

If I were looking at this image, I would wonder what the heck
was wrong with this before version.

It's pretty cute. At least I think so.
But the foam insert was totally shot.

And this little critter is guilty of some deeds I won't mention here. 

Flip the cushion and there's a giant hole.

Would you believe this old cushion is nearly 20 years old?
It is, I swear.

Several months ago I consulted with a Calico Corners decorator.

These fabrics made the final cut!

And . . . taa-daa!

I'm very happy with the results, but I want to do some tinkering in here.

It feels good to have a big project crossed off my list.
I think Calico Corners guy gets a gold star!

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